X-Games is Back! 

After the amazing finale that Call of Duty brought at X Games Austin in 2014, X Games has officially announced that Call of Duty will be an event once again at the Summer X Games in Austin from June 4th to June 7th. Last year, we saw Optic Gaming defeating Team Kaliber in game 5 to win the gold medal. The newly formed Evil Geniuses took 3rd.

However, none of those teams are still together coming into this year’s X-Games. Matter of fact, the winner Optic gaming, only has Scump still on their roster with a gold medal to show. Of the other three, Nadeshot has taken a leave of absence, Clayster now plays for Denial, and Proofy was just recently traded to Envy. Besides Optic, even Team Kaliber will only have 2 of the same players it did at X Games last year. This means Neslo, who pulled off the amazing 1v2 clutch to keep TK alive at X-Games last year not only won’t be competing under the Team Kaliber name, but may not be able to compete at all due to his new league team being low in the standings.

The way the tournament will run is an 8 team double elimination bracket. These 8 teams will be the top 8 teams from season 2 of the MLG Call of Duty Pro League. Therefore, similar to have the playoffs for season 1 took place in the Columbus arena, X-Games will be the playoffs for season 2. Although not officially confirmed by MLG, this means that the X-Games tournament should have a prize pool in addition to the gold, silver, and bronze medals.

As far as favorites to win the event, COD 2015 world champions Denial Esports under the roster of Replays, Attach, Jkap, and Clayster are certainly one of the 2 top favorites. The other is th new and improved Optic Gaming, who recently had their figurehead of Nadeshot take a break allowing 2 time world champion Damon “Karma” Barlow to take his position.  This makes Optic Gaming a very dangerous team. Defending silver medalists Team Kaliber will also be present under their new roster of Sharp, Goonjar, Parasite, and Nameless. Both the new Faze and Envy lineups will also be looking for their first tourney win under new rosters.  With all of the roster changes happening now, Season 2 Playoffs and X Games will be quite the toss up to see who performs the best.


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