Although the snipers of sB initially brought a new side to the organization, it is unfortunate for us to announce that there will no longer be a sniping team involved with Strictly Business. Despite the benefits of our sniping team, we ultimately found more cons than pros. As of this time, it seems like most snipers are joining the sniping team looking for instant fame rather than putting the hard work and effort in to create a great sniping team.

Our goal of having a sniping division was to expand to a whole new area and aspect of Call of Duty so we as an organization could grow. Unfortunately for the Sniper Division, We as an organization were not happy with the way it was going, we have simply had snipers join in so they could simply ‘brag’ about how they’re in Strictly Business.
Another problem was that many snipers had left because they had found an opportunity for a better sniping team but then came running back when they were refused a spot on that team. Although we understand that moving around teams happens a lot in the sniping business, we feel that loyalty is a main concept that should be applied to our team and we feel it is very disrespectful to have players constantly coming and going on our team.

Another crucial piece is the fact that because of the shuffling of players coming and going, the snipers were unable to consistently put out and make good content. Considering this is the reason they were brought in, this is simply unacceptable.
Overall as a conclusion we just did not have luck expanding into the sniping business and have decided to focus on our main competitive roster and aim for a league spot in the Call of Duty Season 2, we’re sorry to disappoint the Strictly Business Sniping fans, we hope you can understand why we had to do this, hopefully we shall achieve our goals of achieving the Season 2 league spot and as always thank you for supporting us we couldn’t have asked for a better fanbase! #sBGNation


Strictly Business Development

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