1. OpTic Gaming
  2. Stunner Gaming
  3. Denial eSports
  4. JusTus

5./6. eLevate


7./8. Strictly Business

Team Kaliber


Day 1 Recap

The first tournament of the 2015 year was kicked off January 2nd, with over 150 teams battling for their share of $25,000 and 25,000 MLG Pro Points. Stunner Gaming threw everyone off when they finished top of their pool with a 2-0, leaving the rest of the teams in their pool to fend for themselves. OpTic Gaming had a pretty slow start to this tournament, finishing their first day in the bottom of Alpha pool, with a 0-2 finish for day one. From this point on, it seemed as if there was going to be a very unlikely winner of the overall tournament, but the #GREENWALL didn’t lose hope.

Every pool, from Alpha to Delta, had its strong teams and weak teams, but that didn’t faze any of them. Team Kaliber took first position in pool play Bravo pool with a 2-0 record, with Strictly Business closely trailing behind at 1-1. FaZe was definitely not being counted out at this point, coming to a tie at the end of the day with the boys from Strictly Business, with a 1-1 finish as well.

Charlie pool was led by Denial eSports and sYnrgy, both with a great 2-0 start to the tournament, while Rise Nation and Team EnVyUs slowly trailed behind, both, surprisingly going 0-2 in their matchups.

Prophecy took a head start in Delta pool with their flawless day one antics, going 2-0 over their competitors. JusTus, along with Team eLevate, who had recently come back to the Pro Circuit had an impressive tie with a 1-1 finish for both teams. OpTic Nation on the other hand, seemed as if they wanted to follow in their sister’s footsteps, also finishing 0-2.


Day 2 Recap

Day two of the tournament began with a completely different side of OpTic Gaming. They came out of the gates flying and got the #GREENWALL hype that they oh so dearly needed, and ended up finishing second in Alpha pool going 2-2, securing themselves a spot in Champions bracket. Stunner Gaming continued their domination in their pool securing the top spot of Alpha pool with their 4-0 record, leaving Aware Gaming (2-2), TCM (1-3), and Revenge Gaming (1-3) at the bottom of their pool.

Bravo pool was dominated by Team Kaliber finishing their day with a 4-0 record, but being very closely trailed by the boys from Strictly Business Gaming who went an impressive 3-1, having never been to a LAN with this specific roster. Automatic Reload finished with a 2-2, falling short of winners bracket, and joining one other team in the losers bracket. Easily the most notable upset in the tournament were the boys from FaZe who finished Day 2 with a 1-3 record, having won the 1st place prize in the tournament prior to UMG Orlando. FaZe would now have to battle their way through losers bracket to stay alive in the tournament.

sYnrgy were the top placing individuals in Charlie pool, with a 4-0 lead above Denial eSports who trailed them with a 3-1 Day 2 finish. Team EnVyUs was just not able to get back up after their performance from Day 1, finishing their tournament with a 1-3. Epsilon and Rise Nation were the outliers, struggling to keep up with the pace of the tournament, finishing their bracket with a 1-3 each.

Many viewers stated that if there was a pool to watch, it would easily be the Delta pool. Prophecy nonetheless took the overall top spot in their pool, with EcHo Gaming unfortunately taking their 0-4 record home with them. The exciting part was what was in between. JusTus, Team eLevate, and OpTic Nation had finished Delta pool play with a 2-2 record for each team, therefore creating a 3-way tie for the second and final spot to move into Championship bracket. Seeing as how there were no tie breakers set in case of a 3 way tie, and the end of Day 2 looming, the officials had no other choice than to base the winner of the second spot on the teams win percentage. Team eLevate and OpTic Nation were tied with 50% each, but JusTus managed to creep ahead of their competitors with a 53%.


Championship Sunday

Losers’ bracket was filled with excitement nonetheless, with matchups like FaZe vs Rise and eLevate vs Strictly Business. FaZe Clan vs Team EnVyUs was surely a very close match, but in the end, Team EnVyUs came out victorious to allow FaZe to secure the 16th placement spot of the tournament. Strictly Business put up a very good fight against Team eLevate, taking their series all the way to a game 5. Strictly Business took a very fast lead in the round, leaving Adam “Killa” Sloss, all by himself, having to try and clutch a 1v3 to give the boys from Strictly Business an upset. Killa was able to take out two, but not before getting tagged himself. He was able to somehow maneuver himself around, get into a position of advantage, and ultimately find a way to win his final gun battle to give Strictly Business the loss, leaving them, along with Team Kaliber to take the 7/8 placements of the tournament. eLevate advanced to the next bracket, only to find themselves tied for 5/6 place with sYnrgy at the end of the tournament, after sYnergy would go on to lose to OpTic Gaming.

OpTic Gaming started off Championship Sunday Winners’ Bracket with a very impressive match against sYnrgy, who had recently acquired some help from Marcus “MBoZe” Blanks. sYnergy seemed as if though they were destined to make it all the way to the Grand Final, having taken first map against OpTic with a 6-0 on Detroit. The OpTic Gaming boys weren’t out of the fight at all, making an unprecedented comeback to win the series with a 3-1 win over sYnrgy, securing themselves a spot in the Grand Final.

All while this was happening, Stunner was busy with a fight of their own. Denial eSports and Stunner Gaming were battling it out in the losers bracket Finals, to see which team would go head to head against OpTic Gaming for the Championship. Denial had some very impressive gameplay, but it was Stunner Gaming who wanted it the most, taking their series with a victory over Denial, 3-1.

So the stage was set. OpTic Gaming vs Stunner Gaming, all for the final prize of $15,000. Who would come out victorious? We had already seen these two teams go head to head two other times, and each time, they had swapped victories. Stunner winning the first confrontation, OpTic winning the second, and most recent confrontation. The question was asked, would Stunner be able to be the underdogs of the tournament and take down the mighty OpTic Gaming?

It was a very tough tournament, and Stunner Gaming did seem as though they were on the right path, having defeated OpTic Gaming once already, but then also having been defeated in the same 0-3 manner. Stunner tried their hardest to overcome the obstacle that was the #GREENWALL, but in the end, the wall was just too high. OpTic Gaming were crowned the UMG Orlando 25k Champs, with Stunner Gaming coming in a very close second.

We would like to thank everyone who supported Strictly Business at Orlando, and we most definitely hope to see your support at the next event! Congratulations to all the teams and their placements, and congratulations to OpTic Gaming on yet another grand final win.


Strictly Business Development

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