UMG Nashville Recap

Faze Are Champions!

Top 8 Placings-

  • 1st– Faze Clan*-$15,000                                                    (*teams that qualified for Season 3 playoffs in Columbus)
  • 2nd– Denial eSports*-$5,000
  • 3rd– Most Wanted eSports*-$3,000
  • 4th– Rise Gaming*-$2,000
  • 5th-Team EnvyUs*
  • 6th-Optic Gaming*
  • 7th– Team Kaliber
  • 8th– Curse Gaming


Notable Upsets-

  • Optic Nation*- 13th-16th
  • Evil Geniuses- 13th-16th


UMG Nashville was one of the craziest tournaments COD eSports has seen during the 2014 season. Many teams that were either unknown or not even created at the start of Ghosts saw huge success during the tournament. Also, many of the teams that were at the top at the beginning of the year fell closer to the bottom while in Tennessee. For example, both Optic Nation and Evil Geniuses fell very early in the tournament, unlike their past events. Evil Geniuses began the year being the unstoppable team to beat, however they will finish the year with a 13th-16th placing, the worst in their history as a team. This was also Aches and Teepee’s lowest placing ever as a famous duo. Aches expressed his opinion before their elimination match versus Team EnvyUs by saying “This sucks. Top 2 teams all year about to face elimination for t12. Le sigh. AW hurry.”Aches would go on to lose the match and be eliminated from the tournament. Another huge disappointment for many fans, Optic Nation had the same fate as Evil Geniuses. The squad lost in the loser’s bracket early in the tournament, leaving Killa very unhappy. He later posted a picture on twitter of himself drinking alcohol, saying “Damon is winning with Doug Martin…..”

As far as the top 8 placings, tK and Curse continued their average consistency by placing the same as the past few tournaments. Although neither team was particularly happy with this placing, this did prove they are a top 8 team, a notion that was questioned as neither qualified as a top 8 online team for the season 3 playoffs. Next up, both Team Envyus and Optic Nation placed 5th/6th. Envy placed well considering how they played in pool play, as they lost many matches in which they were the favorite to win. They went on to lose to Faze 3-1. Optic Gaming was also surprised by many fans, as their ultimate loss came to Rise, a team that is highly considered an online warrior squad. Being considered this, there was no way for them to break that notion better than to knock Optic out of the tournament.

Most Wanted and Rise held the 3rd and 4th place spots, as two teams that were not expected to do well at all in the tournament. Both teams used this placing to gain tons of respect for their organization. Most Wanted was also the only team to beat Faze in the tournament, however they lost to Faze later in the loser’s bracket. Although Rise also defeated their “warrior status”, they were also defeated by Faze in a swift 3-0.

In the championship match, Faze needed to win two best of 5 matches to win while Denial only needed one. The first series was extremely thrilling, as it went all the way to game 5 round 11 search and destroy. However, Faze clutched up and went on to play another best of 5. The second series also went to a best of 5, however after a crushing victory for Faze on strikezone domination, their momentum could not be stopped as they pummeled Denial in the final search and destroy. Censor first statement after the win had him proud to be in Faze, as he said “SO proud to bring home the first chamoionship for Faze! We made a 12 hour loser bracket run to take it home!” Although Denial did lose in the championship, it proved many people wrong that had previously considered them to only play good at UMG Dallas, and people who believed they would not place well again. Overall, Faze’s raw momentum showed people that this late in the game, it truly is about who shows up with the most motivation. Between Censor and Apathy being well known as motivators, Karma’s necessity to prove himself after leaving Evil Geniuses, and Parasite needing to prove he is still a good player in Call of Duty, Faze was able to win the tournament. Most importantly, this past weekend Censor showed us that sleeves are not necessary to win a UMG championship.



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