With the departure of Dedo and Neslo, Strictly Business is now left with only John sB and Phizzurp sB. There had been rumours that there was going to be a completely fresh roster, but that was quickly diminished and the truth has officially been prepared to be released to you, the fans.

With that being said, Strictly Business is proud to announce their 2 new players for the remainder of the 2015 season, TwiZz (@TwiZzini) and SinfuL (@Sinful_sB). If you think that those names sound familiar, then you’re right!

TwiZz and SinfuL have had a past with Strictly Business, having been on the roster prior to the pick up of Neslo and Dedo, so it can for sure that this roster change is not going to go unnoticed. The entire staff here at Strictly Business Gaming is happy to have both of these fantastic players back with the organization, and we all have high aspirations for this new roster.

Here is a statement from SinFuL and his thoughts on coming back into Strictly Business Gaming.

I’m glad to be back with Strictly Business Gaming. The organization is nothing less than family to me, words cannot express my gratitude for bringing me back on board.

The confidence I have with this roster is even stronger than before. This time we will take responsibility to become better as a whole and transform into the deadly team that we are. I’m stoked for this adventure with the #sBGNation! SinFuL

Now, all the team needs to do is work on their chemistry, figure out the roles that each player is going to take charge of, and master their art to the best of their abilities. With the help from Phizzurp and John, who competed at CoD Champs, this new roster is sure to be an underdog team.

We will be keeping everyone updated on the progress of your new Strictly Business Pro Roster, and don’t forget to use our discount codes on Scuf Gaming, G-Fuel, and many more products!


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