Strictly Business is releasing their substitute for their H1Z1 King of the Kill team, Joel “JWLKR” Walker, for his recent racist remarks on stream.

Strictly Business does not condone any form of racism. All members of the organization are held to the highest standards of professionalism, so this incident is entirely unacceptable. Joel is being immediately released due to his actions.

Strictly Business apologizes to the viewers who were exposed to Joel’s unacceptable behavior. The organization’s administration is appalled by the incident, and CEO Fernando “PoLo” stated, “This player’s actions are not in accordance with the values of Strictly Business or its sponsors. We find his actions entirely unacceptable and are therefore releasing him.”

As an organization, Strictly Business strives to provide appropriate and entertaining content for all of its viewers and fans. In the future, we hope to continue providing such entertainment and hope you will continue supporting our organization in that endeavor.

Written by Jameson “Dyspaiir” Toale

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