Greetings Strictly Business Family!
Following the recent success of the Strictly Business Rainbow Six team, we have decided to move further in the world of eSports and have picked up a new Gears of War Team.

The team consists of the following roster;

Chris “Xcells” Hill  (Captain)
Jeremy “Wingos” King
Jakob “Nastty” Patterson
Zach “Yogurt” Defrank

We are looking forward to what these talented individuals can bring to our organisation and to our fans.

Strictly Business Gaming is always looking forward to both expansion and growth in the eSports industry, however, this is simply a small step for our big journey ahead. We would like to thank the fans for continuous support that they give us every day, without you, we would not be able to do this!

Support and talk with our team by following them on their streams!

Xcells – 

Nastty –

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