In a month full of new adventures for Strictly Business, the organization has proudly announced the addition of a Counter Strike Premier team.

Strictly Business’s debut into CS:GO eSports is headed by a team that has just completed its second season of ESEA’s Premier league. The team’s final standing in the league is 9th place with 9 wins and 7 losses. In the final standings for Season 23, four teams tied for 8th place, including Strictly Business. 8th place is the final spot allowed into the ESEA Season 23 playoffs, and unfortunately sB missed entering the playoffs by one rank, trailing Team Quetzal by only 18 total rounds won for the season.

“Although our season is going as well as we’d like it to be, we’ve managed to upset TSM and Luminosity Gaming,” team captain Paul said before their final game of the season.

Despite falling short of the playoffs, Strictly Business’s CS:GO team has a promising future ahead of them. The core of the team have been playing together for several seasons in the ESEA Open and Main ladders, and have molded the team into its current Premier lineup.

The current roster for Strictly Business’s CS:GO team consists of: Paul “n2g” (Team Captain), Lonnie “Mizoo” Tran, Dylan “rik0k0,” Dolzy, and Francis “Kiko” Lao.

The team is very excited to be playing for Strictly Business. This is the first time the team has signed with an organization, and the players are looking forward to their future with sB.

“It’s exciting, we had been in talks with a couple different sponsors but we are glad we found Strictly Business. We feel very welcomed, and we want the fans to know that we are very competitive and our goal is to make sB and the fans proud,” Paul commented about joining Strictly Business. “We hope to make a splash in the CS:GO community in the upcoming months and signing with sB will definitely help us do that.”

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