Great new things are happening here at Strictly Business as the organization expands into H1Z1 by bringing on an amazing new team.

As an up and coming eSports title, H1Z1 provides new opportunities for sB in regards to viewers, supporters, and pro gamers. Strictly Business predicts an explosion in popularity for H1Z1 and wants to get in on the action as the scene grows.

A title beginning to be noticed in the world of eSports, H1Z1 is a deathmatch survival game that pits teams of 5 against each other, fighting to become the last team standing. Scattered around a huge map are weapons, supplies, and vehicles to help teams survive. Communication and teamwork are important in all pro league games but especially so in H1Z1 as it helps conserve supplies and plan attacks, and this team excels in regards to communication.

Getting this amazing team together wasn’t easy, however, thanks to the lack of an established scene for this game.

When asked about the game and team H1Z1 team. manager Carlo “@Shotz_sB” stated:

“As the manager of this H1Z1 team I spent many hours finding the right group of guys, cause as we all know there hasn’t been a scene yet for the H1 game and now that I found these guys I can’t be more happy these group of men play great together they communicate great pick each other up if needed and they are in sync with each other. I can’t wait for the future with these guys and make a name for ourselves in the H1Z1 community.”

Now that the team has been assembled, amazing things are to come for sB and the new H1Z1 team as its scene in esports begins to grow. The Strictly Business H1Z1 team is made up of these amazing players: Justin @CaLLzyy_ , Charlie Klaas @cKlaas_ , Syris Barnes @BizarreTV_ , Cody Floyd @rvgGhost , and Ben Holley @MisterBennyBoy, who are all veteran H1Z1 players.

Take a moment to get to know our new H1Z1 players:

Justin “CaLLzy”:
“Ok, my name is Justin, i have over 3000 hours in h1, held top kills in z1 leaderboards for the month of august 2016, I have no prior pro experience in any games except the nhl franchise where i dominated the scene on ps4.. Also i played semi professional in the LNAH and university hockey in AUS. Canada so i can take my experience playing sports at high levels directly to playing h1 professionally.. I try to be a leader in my gameplay and communication towards my teammates.”

Charlie “cKlaas” Klaas:
“My name is Charlie Klaas (cKlaas). I have almost 2000 hours in h1z1. I have played in all the competitive servers, such as champions arena, grind royals, ta tournaments. i have placed top 10 a couple times in champions arena, and i have 1 1st place finish in grind royals. i have finished several times 2nd place in ta tournaments. this is my first pc game online. i am 27 with a wife and two kids. i have played video games all my life. i use to compete online and in one lan event for call of duty before i got into h1.”

Syris “Bizarre” Barnes:
“My name is Syris Barnes, I am 24 yrs old and have almost 4000 hours in H1. At the end of February 2016 I held rank 1 in monthly win. Played in multiple Champions Arenas and placed top 10 about 5 times within these tournaments. I participated in season 1 TA tournaments, a 5 mans private server and have won 2 games of TA tournaments. This is also my first PC FPS shooter.. I have played a variety of different games. As far as shooters that I competed online (GBs) for: SOCOM, GOW 2 and 3, and COD 4-COD MW2.”

Cody “Ghost”:
“My name is Cody, I am 28 years old and have roughly 1600 hours logged on h1z1. Started off my pc gaming with Counter-Strike 1.5 back in the day, which I was on a cal-l team for a short period of time before i had to quit due to school. From there i went to console gaming and was on a top team for Socom 2 on the Game Battles website. From there I was on an amateur team for Halo 2, but again had to quit because of school. I then moved to Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter (GRAW) and was picked up by Seven Deadly Sins (x7x) which was another top team on the Game Battles. I was also co-leader of Locked and Loaded (x7x) on MAG for the ps3, which we were also on top of the brackets for Game Battles. Then I moved to League of Legends and got picked up by Revitalized Gaming as their mid laner, played in a small tournament and took 2nd place overall, but we disbanded due to some players not wanting to continue on with the team. I have some knowledge of the e-sports scene, mainly through console gaming, but in the end its all the same.”

Ben “BennyBoy” Holley:
“My name is Ben Holley and since I have started playing H1Z1: King of the Kill, I have accumulated over 1,000 hours and thousands of kills in game. This is my first time playing at a professional level, but I grew up with a Gameboy permanently attached to my hand. I graduated to the Gamecube, Xbox, Xbox 360, Xbox 1, and even had a brief encounter with the Wii. I have always played MMO games on the computer starting off with World of Warcraft before everyone else was playing it, and then moving on once it became mainstream. Around a year and a half ago I started playing H1Z1: King of the Kill and I haven’t stopped playing since.”

Strictly Business would like to offer a big welcome to the team. Great things are sure to come!

Written by Jameson “Dyspaiir”

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