Well, It’s official. VvV have offered Phizzurp, J0hn, Twizz, and Sinful permanent positions within their organization. We would like to wish all four of those players the best in their future endeavors with their future organizations. But with that being said, now, Strictly Business has a dilemma at hand. Or do they?

With the highly anticipated and predicted move of the former sB Pro Team to VvV Gaming, that left Strictly Business with an important business decision that would possibly define the future for this organization. Would they take their chances with fresh players and risk yet another underperformance? Or would Strictly Business take a more direct and aggressive approach towards things and attempt to form a so-called “Dream Team”? Well, as you’ve guessed it. They took the latter route, and let’s just say, it worked out completely in our favor.

Jeremy “Story” Negron stated, “Losing sleep for four days was honestly the worst thing to experience, however, it all ended up working out! I am honestly super content with the outcome and extremely excited to see this team go big and show everyone what they can do!”

“Story can tell you I’m all about believing and staying calm and focused. This was definitely a stressful time for us, but here at Strictly Business we are all about consistency and staying focused. Props to my brother who did most of the work to stay on top of things! We are definitely excited about this team!” Jay “FrEaGy” Negron said in an interview earlier regarding the new roster.

After three long, stressful, and hectic days of scrambling around, calling everyone possible, etc, owner’s “Story” and “FrEaGy” have finally found a team for the Season 3 relegation, and we are more than positive that you will like who you see!

The first player to be added to the roster is a very well-known player throughout the Call of Duty franchise, having been with several high-caliber teams such as Elevate and, most recently, JusTus Pro. This man competed on the grandest of stages across the world, and has even competed at the Call of Duty Championships. With consistent numbers, great leadership skills, and exemplary Objective game play tactics, Strictly Business have decided to extend an opportunity to Jeremy “Studdy” Astacio, in hopes that he will help excel this team to greater heights.

The second player that has been extended an opportunity with Strictly Business is Mike “Spacely” Schmale. Spacely also has had much success throughout his career, and has played against Jeremy “Studdy” Astacio before at several different tournaments, but now, will be playing alongside him on the Strictly Business Roster. Spacely, thanks to his excellent communication skills along with his reputable history, has also been given the chance to take on the position of Strictly Business Pro Team Captain. Spacely has had his fair share of ups and downs, but with this new and improved roster, he is definitely going to be able to show the world what types of numbers and statistics he’s truly capable of producing.

Teegan McCarthy. Not many people have followed his career up until his teaming with the members from JusTus Pro. Teegan “TcM” McCarthy was actually promoted to Captain of the JusTus Pro Team, but has found a new home within the Strictly Business family. With hopes of returning to Season 3 with this roster, we are positive that the chemistry between Jeremy “Studdy” Astacio, Mike “Spacely” Schmale, and Teegan “TcM” McCarthy will be top-of-the-line and is guaranteed to turn heads and generate a lot of attention at the upcoming events.

Last but certainly not least, we have the fourth and final member to the Strictly Business Pro Roster, Spencer “Anticity”. Anticity has had quite a career with numerous teams, but, just as the aforementioned members, he has now found a team to call his own, and that’s Strictly Business. Having previously been with Automatic Reload, Anticity has already teamed with Spacely, therefore they have proven chemistry. Now, with the addition of TcM and Studdy to the roster, this is surely going to be a team to watch in the forthcoming events!

So with this new roster, Strictly Business is aiming at one thing, and one thing only. Securing their spot in S3 and proving to the everyone that this team is definitely not gone, and that we are still a force to be reckoned with. We once again would like to thanks everyone for staying with us through thick and thin, and we hope to keep you guys content! As for everyone else, just remember. It’s nothing personal, it’s Strictly Business.






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