Strictly Business is pleased to announce the invitation of its H1Z1 team to the H1Z1: Fight for the Crown event that will be aired on the CW Network on April 20, 2017.

The finalized Strictly Business roster for H1Z1: Fight for the Crown consists of:

Charlie “cKlaas” Klaas (Captain)
Cody “Ghost” Floyd
Syris “Bizarre” Barnes
Michael “Mikeyy Murda” Thorson
Joel “Jwlkr” Walker

Due to age restrictions, Ben “BennyBoy” Holley , a regular member of the Strictly Business H1Z1 team, will not be participating in the event. The team is managed by Carlo “Shotz”.

A team-based event of this magnitude is new for the members of the H1Z1 community as well as the Strictly Business H1Z1 team. For this team, participating in an event like H1Z1: Fight for the Crown is something they have wanted for a long time.

“Having the chance to play at Fight for the Crown is truly a dream come true to me,” said Joel “Jwlkr” Walker, one of the newest members of the sB team.

Cody “Ghost” Floyd, one of Strictly Business’ H1Z1 players, said he is looking forward to seeing his team do well this April: “Going into the tournament, I feel really confident in myself and my team. We have been working really well together and improving the little things each day that we play, and that has been keeping me really excited for the Fight for the Crown.”

The sB squad faces fierce competition in this event as rosters from Echo Fox, Rogue, Cloud9, and several other organizations have already been announced.

Despite the tough competition, the members of the sB H1Z1 team are confident. When asked how he felt about participating in H1Z1: Fight for the Crown, sB player Syris “Bizarre” Barnes said: “This will be a huge experience for us as players, and we feel very confident going into the event. We’ve been preparing for this moment for months now. I have complete confidence in my team’s ability to take the Crown. Let’s Go Boys!! #sBGNation

H1Z1: Fight for the Crown is the first official team-based tournament for H1Z1: King of the Kill. The tournament consists of 15 teams of 5 players each who will compete to win their share of a $300,000 prize pool. Read more about the tournament here.

The tournament will air on the CW Network on April 20, 2017. Be prepared for some intense King of the Kill action from the sB H1Z1 team. As player Michael “Miley Murda” Thorson put it: “As soon as we walk into that arena, it’s nothing personal. It’s strictly business.”

Written by Heidi “SnowMyGosh” Ross

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