Strictly Business announces the addition of two members to its Human Resources team.

David, @Davey_sB (, one new Strictly Business HR Representative, has 7 years of eSports experience. He has worked in eSports management since the beginning of 2015. David has been a part of 3 organizations before joining Strictly Business. David values the organization’s professionalism and dedication in the world of eSports.


“I feel like I can bring my sense of determination and also the skills and knowledge I have acquired to the organization as well as improve their already largely experienced management team,” David said of his new affiliation with Strictly Business.

Angelina, @xRED_SOULx (, Gaming Editor for Tech We Like, General Manager for Perfect Alliance Organization, and eSports Write for Gamurs, is another stunning addition to the sB HR department. Angelina previously worked as the Human Resources Manager for the eSports organization MutinyGG. She has brought her knowledge and expertise to the Strictly Business team.

“I’m excited to start my new role as the Human Resource Representative for the Content Writers. My goal is to bring in new writers so we can keep fans up-to-date on everything that’s happening in the organization. I would like to thank Strictly Business for this wonderful opportunity,” Angelina said.

The human resources department is a behind-the-scenes endeavor within the organization. This department hires new members, monitors communication channels within the organization, and acts as a liaison between the management team and members of each department.

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