With the “under-performance” of Strictly Business Pro team at last weekend’s Gfinity Tournament many people were asking, What is becoming of the once Regional’s Championship team Strictly Business? Well, after many different meetings, a decision was made. Jay “FrEaGy” Negron, along with the other founders of the Strictly Business Organization came to the unanimous decision to NOT fund this current roster for the UMG California tournament taking place in Ontario, CA this weekend. 

 ​Gfinity was to be like any other event. Players were going to show up, sign in, wait for their matches, and then give the audience the show that they had all been waiting to watch. When the time came for Strictly Business to take the stage, everything was going great. Teammates were happily interacting with each other, team chemistry seemed to be at its fullest. But that was simply what was being shown to the public.

​Once the matches started, everything came to light. The team that everybody was waiting to watch be the underdogs once again, did not fulfill the notion. The team seemed to be dysfunctional, communication was under-par, and the chemistry that had been there in previous 2k and 5k tournaments was simply non-existent.

​Immediately following the tournament, talks began throughout the founders as to what was to become of this team. Instead of funding the team to compete at UMG California in Ontario, the founders had decided that the bigger goal for the team was to prepare and qualify for the upcoming season. By that, the team would be competing in fully funded 2k, and 5k tournaments to help bring the team chemistry back up to what it had been before.

This organization, as a whole, has been more than devoted to PHiZZURP, and J0hn sB. With that being said, the founders had decided that maybe keeping PHiZZURP and J0hn would be in the best interest along with finding them two more suitable teammates to help qualify for the upcoming season.

We truly want to provide the best we can to the fans, and the supporters. What better way than providing them with a winning team? In order to have a winning team there needs to be chemistry. This team was simply lacking chemistry, and preparedness.

With the decision of the Pro Team to leave and join vVv Gaming, that left Strictly Business with a decision. Do we wait and see what happens after UMG California? Unfortunately, that is not the decision that was made. Strictly Business is currently working closely with other players attempting to build another team to prepare, and qualify for the upcoming season. Several players have been contacted, and there are agreements in the making.

No matter what happens externally, we need the fans and supporters to realize that internally, this organization is very strong, and will overcome minor setbacks such as these. We hope to continue receiving your support! We are grateful for everyone who’s been with us through our ups and our downs. No matter what happens, Strictly Business will continue to pursue greatness in eSports, and we are glad to have you along for the ride. #sBGNation


Strictly Business Development

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