Strictly Business Gaming is proud to announce the addition of a Gears of War eSports team.

The new team, captained by Gabriel Diaz (@NJCUBANO), consists of Michael Greene (@Deadly_sB), Lawrence Flowers (@DrakeOfGears), Joshua Davila (@Rozado_sB), and Christopher Guzman (@DomezTV).

The team is a mix of both veteran and up-and-coming members of the Gears of War eSports world. Their captain, Gabriel “NJ Cubano” Diaz, has great enthusiasm and confidence in Strictly Business’s new line up. The members of the new team have already been making waves in the Gears of War eSports scene.

“I’m extremely excited with our team performance so far, from Rozado winning the 1v1 tournament at the 5th avenue Microsoft store to him and I winning first at the first 5v5 Gears of War Microsoft tournament as well,” Diaz said of his team members’ initial successes.

The squad looks to make a big opening as a team during the MLG 2K tournament this weekend.

“We look forward to making noise in the upcoming MLG 2K tournament coming up this Sunday, October 23rd. I’ve never felt this confident in a roster since Gears of War 2 where Raw Talent took the Gears scene by storm since Day 1,” Diaz said.

When Strictly Business first announced the new Gears of War eSports team on Twitter, the lineup was a bit different. The initial lineup included player @ZeRoXcel_sB, who has been replaced as the fifth member of the team by Christopher “Domez” Guzman.

“Dan [@ZeRoXcel_sB] is an amazing player and even better friend. … I want to thank Dan personally and for Strictly Business. We wish him the best of luck going forward with his Gears of War 4 career,” Diaz said of the team’s decision to replace @ZeRoXcel_sB.

The team’s new addition, Christopher “Domez” Guzman, is a young player with a veteran’s mentality, according to Diaz.

“I contacted Chris personally and spoke to him about joining our team. Chris was extremely grateful for the offer and has accepted to join Strictly Business for the 2016-2017 MLG Season!” Diaz said of the team’s newest member.

The Strictly Business Gears of War eSports team will also be competing at the Gears of War MLG Columbus Open on November 25th-27th.

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