Gaming is a lot more than just shooting lasers at an alien or driving a racecar around a track. It has a meaning. This meaning is not something specific or something written in stone as it is different for every person, yet it always comes back to the driving force behind it all: the community. Without the community’s support behind Strictly Business, we would not be here to do what we love and share it with all of you. That is why we take pride in every chance we get to help pay the community back for all the love and care you show us, our fans and fellow gamers.

One of these chances came available through an event that was very close to one of our player’s heart. Microsoft Bridgewater, Strictly Business, and Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals hosted an event on November 5th for the Children’s Specialized Hospital in Mountainside, New Jersey. The event, Extra Life, was held at the Microsoft store in Bridgewater Commons Mall from 7am to 7pm to raise money for the children in care at the Hospital.

Our very own Gabe (NJ Cubano), professional Gears of War player, had the privilege of attending the event to represent the whole of Strictly Business. Arriving at the beginning of the event, he took his time before his stream to meet with all of the children and visitors that came by, taking pictures with them and playing games with them. Throughout the day more and more families stopped by with their children, all of them begging to finally meet a professional gamer for the first time, and Gabe took plenty of delight in fulfilling their dreams. He began his charity stream at 11am and did not stop until 7pm unless speaking with the children, taking pictures with them, and more, taking donations for the charity the length of the stream to help raise funds. Of course, plenty people watched the stream, but thanks to the lovely event organizers there were more things to do during the event, such as getting their faces painted, looking at the new Microsoft technology, playing video games on provided hardware, making donations, etc.

“Overall this was an awesome experience based on the fact that I was able to make a small contribution to a great cause through gaming! It couldn’t have been done without the support of Strictly Business, and especially Polo sB for playing all day with me while I was live streaming from the event.” – Gabe (NJ Cubano)

With 600 people attending the event and even more following the stream throughout the day, Extra Life, Strictly Business, Microsoft Bridgewater, and Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals raised over $4,500 dollars for the children of the Children’s Specialized Hospital in Mountainside, New Jersey. We here at Strictly Business would like to thank all of the groups involved for such a wonderful event. It means a lot to our organization and the children that these groups put so much effort into what they do. We would also like to thank Gabe for attending this event for us and with us, showing the kids love and support from all of us with Strictly Business.

We are keeping our eyes out for more events like this in the future to help pay our community back. Until then, we hope you will come along this journey with us.

With love from the Strictly Business team, we thank you and wish you safe gaming.

Written by Brandon @_Raezien_

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