Strictly Business Gaming has added Carneezy, an energetic and dynamic professional entertainer, to its stream team. Signing on with the team in June, Carneezy has been a popular face on Strictly Business’s MLG channel throughout the month. Fans can expect to see a lot of this new face in future.

“My role in this community is to live stream, which means I interact with people all over the world,” Carneezy said of his new position with Strictly Business Gaming. “One of my goals is to attract as many people as I can to the organization.”

Carneezy has introduced followers of his personal Twitch channel to the Strictly Business MLG stream. Many of these fans have become regular viewers of the organization’s channel and supporters of the Strictly Business professional eSports team.

Carneezy described Strictly Business as an organization that exudes greatness, and he is eager to add his share of “great looks, goofiness, and quality entertainment” to the already stunning stream team.

Following his high school years, watching the ever-popular Nadeshot live stream inspired Carneezy to start his own Twitch channel. There he built a solid fan base, which he calls the NeezyNation.

Eventually Carneezy would like to obtain his own MLG channel. He also plans to launch his own clothing line and grow his YouTube channel in the future.

Always helpful and friendly to his viewers, Carneezy offers this advice to those wishing to become live streamers: “Don’t be afraid to be yourself and have fun. If you’re not having fun, then neither are your viewers.”

Carneezy takes this advice very seriously, and it is evident in his entertainment. He has even been seen dancing on stream celebrating donations. Whenever Carneezy takes the stage on Strictly Business’s MLG channel, viewers are in for a fun time.

Check out Carneezy streaming on the Strictly Business MLG channel along with all of the other members of the organization’s amazing stream team at Stop by and enjoy the show as we celebrate hitting the 3,000 follower milestone. See you there!

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