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*Crimsix’s Profile Picture was blank at UMG Orlando as he claimed to be “cloaked” in the photo, picking on the exo ability.

Stim and Cloak Banned

Throughout UMG Orlando, the use of both exo perks stim and cloak were hardly used at all throughout the pro matches played. Although the two abilities were not banned at the time, many players believed they were unfair and deals were made between teams to essentially pledge to each other not to use them. These deals have become popular enough over the past few months of AW to the point where before a match, the teams would agree on twitter by tweeting each other.

Stim allows players to have a temporary boost of health and causes opposing players to have to shoot the stim user 2 or 3 more times for the kill. Many players saw this perk at the beginning of the game, and immediately knew it needed to be banned. All perks regarding extra health in past CoD games have always led to lots of frustration, and have normally been banned fairly quickly. (Example: Juggernaut) Therefore, this caused multiple players to be very frustrated with it not being immediately banned.

Cloak is an exo ability that allows players to be temporarily invisible and hard to see in far sighting. Once again, many pros saw this perk at the beginning of the game and assumed it would be banned immediately. Sledgehammer decided to hold off on banning it since the cloak is still pretty easy to see at most ranges. However, many pro players combined this cloak with smoke grenades and this combination made players almost completely invisible, thus needing to be banned. Combining this with a thermal scope on the cloaked player’s gun, it was very advantageous. A term even developed for combining the exo ability and smoke grenades; cloak ‘n smoke. Although this didn’t effect regular respawn games too much, it severely impact Search and Destroy.

To many people’s relief, Sledgehammer announced that the two will be banned shortly after the finish of UMG Orlando. Although this didn’t affect many pros, it heavily benefitted the average competitive player that plays more casual competitive games. Both stim and cloak were heavily used throughout gamebattles matches and umg prime matches, and the elimination of these two will create a much more competitive environment for these players. Sledgehammer has really done a great job of supporting the esports community, and is truly listening to the thoughts and concerns of both casual competitive players and the pro players playing in tournaments. The announcement brought great joy to everyone, as many pros were beginning to make jokes about the use of the two exo abilities. For example, Crimsix did not show himself in his player profile picture for UMG Orlando, claiming himself to be “cloaked” in the picture. Although it did bring many laughs to the community, stim and cloak were a concern that needed to be eliminated. It is truly great to see that Sledgehammer is supporting esports on a huge level and is listening to the thoughts and concerns of the players.


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