It’s been a great year but we’re sadly departing with our sponsor Cellucor. Cellucor has been a fantastic sponsor and has supported us throughout the year, even at our toughest times. We would firstly like to thank Cellucor with the amazing support it had been able to provide us with and the great moments we shared. Secondly we would like to thank Cellucor for the amazing support it gave to all our competitive players throughout the year such product placements etc. Cellucor has always been like family to us and will always be like family to us in the future!

So what does this mean for Strictly Business and Cellucor? Well Cellucor will no longer be sponsoring Strictly Business, so any discount codes etc, will be invalid.

Throughout the year we have grown in large numbers as an organization and as a family, but don’t worry sponsors come and go! We’ve had new sponsors throughout the year so don’t be surprised if we get a new sponsor in the future.

On the topic of sponsors, our sponsor Razer is having a vote for the Razer Team of the Year! So if you can visit the following link: and vote for Strictly Business that will be fantastic, we know that we can always count on the #sBGNation!

Thank you for all the support you guys give to the organization it is absolutely mind blowing!


Strictly Business Development

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