Welcome everybody, and thank you for coming to check out the second installment of Specialty Group of the Week. It’s been one week since the finish of our recruitment challenge for sB’s newest snipers, so this week we are dedicating the installment to them.

Snipers are the kind of people who are hated by many, but at the same time respected by others. One can only respect some of the crazy shots snipers pull off. The quad collats, or even the 1080 ladder stall, YY, cancel reload, cross map head shot. These trick shots not only take practice and skill but precise timing and a little luck. Some may think that they are just jumping off objects while spinning and mashing buttons, there is an art to it though and many fail to appreciate it.

Using as a sniper to creatively kill someone is older than you may think. This skill started as early as Call of Duty 2, untilized to make montages to show off the players skill and abilities. Shots like these had dropped in Call of Duty 3 but came booming back in Call Of Duty 4: Modern Warfare. The trend sgave birth to more montages than ever before. Players also put up ways to improve your no-scope accuracy and improve your shots. Just like CoD 3. World at War lacked in the department of trick shots, but the next installment of Modern Warfare showed us that these crazy snipers weren’t packing their bags just yet. Snipers used many graphical glitches and animations to enhance the creativity and style of their shots. Clans were even created to the dedication of this such as FaZe, who regularly posted videos and did countdowns. Yet we see yet another decline in sniping for the 7th installment of CoD. This is due to the negative feedback received by non-snipers complaining about the quickscopes and one shot kills. Treyarch reduced snipers ability to quickscope by adding an initial sway when zooming in. Treyarch finally fixed this near the end of the games lifespan. Unlike Black Ops, Modern Warfare 3 became super friendly with the snipers, even adding a perk to help them out, Quickdraw. Infinity Ward took out a lot of the graphical glitches, such as the famous YY used in many shot, making the game still unfavorable to snipers. Black Ops 2 became a big hit to quickscopers and trickshoters, thanks to developer David Vonderhaar. Black Ops 2 allowed for mirroring of the classic shots of MW2 by giving back some of the graphical glitches. With the creation of CoD Ghosts, snipers are still continuing to trickshot. It may not be as god like as it was in MW2 or BO2, but it does show that trickshots will always remain and snipers will never stop. The crazy abilities we will soon see in Advanced Warfare are sure to show us insane shots that could never be done before. Exactly where sniping goes in the future is a mystery.

Check out our snipers of Strictly Business and our affiliated team Space Bound on their youtube channels

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