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Hello everybody and welcome to the first installment of Specialty Group of the Week! This is a new segment is based on special groups in gaming such as pros, pub stars, trick shooters, etc. This week I would like to focus on a group I feel is over looked and not much credit is given to, knifers. Not the panic knifers that we all rage about but rather the knifers who move like cheetahs stalking their prey. They move quick and remain in stealth mode until they are ready to
pounce on their victim.

CoD 4 was where knives were first introduce into the CoD multi-player, and they weren’t a primary weapon
of choice to kill someone. They were merely a replacement animation for the pistol whip or butt stock smash technique originally used for melee attacks. It wasn’t until MW2, where the throwing knife made its appearence,that knifing became a more interesting way to play. Perks such as lightweight, marathon, and commando, gave knifers the ability to pounce when needed. Treyarch gave hope to knifers though with the fan favorite Tomahawk and knifers best friend, the ballistic knives. These new additions would soon become the weapons of mass destruction for knifers everywhere. The tomahawk provided longer range throws and the amazing bankshots people love. Ballisitic knives gave a little compensation so knifers could get longer range kills without having to resort to pistols or other weapons, escpecially in open or long range maps.

Knifing has it’s challenges though, it’s not all peaches and cream. Of course there’s the occasional corner
camping, LMG spraying, shot gun blasting noob, but what is worse when the knife straight up just doesn’t register. We all know the feeling, knifer or not. Screen is just full of an enemies body, the RS is pressed and… WHAT?! Nothing, no kill, no lunge, just a swinging knife. Connection plays a big part in this, if you have bad connection you might as wellbe swinging a nerf sword around a dark room against a Navy Seal with a M16 and night vision goggles. On the other hand,
with great connection, you can be the ninja assassin everyone fears.

“Never bring a gun to a knife fight” a motto many knifers play by. Many groups are created dedicated to using only the razor sharp glistening steel, such as, OnlyUsemeBlade and WAK (We are Knifers). Accuracy, patience, stealth, speed, and quick decision making are key skills that will determine how successful you become. These blade wielding groups overcome the challenges and use their abilities to out play and out think the competition. Watch your back because you never know when one of these players will sneak behind you and give you the good ol’ shank in the spine.

Thank you for the read everyone, I appreciate your time. Don’t miss next week’s installment of Specialty Group of the week! Remember, It’s nothing personal, it’s Strictly Skiizness.

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