The SMITE Spring Split finals are over and it’s almost time for the Summer Split to begin.

A new experience for some of the members of Strictly Business, the Spring Split finals were an intimidating challenge, but that did not stop the team from giving it their all. Due to some unfortunate plays, Strictly Business was knocked out the first round of the finals. The team may not have won, but they proved their worth by getting the second seed and through the online portion of the Spring Split teams like Obey, SoaR, Elevate, and Astral Authority learned to watch out.

The rest of Day 1 had the matchups of Astral Authority vs. Most Wanted, SoaR Gaming vs. Team RivaL, and Obey Alliance vs. Optimus Gang. Astral proved they belonged on top and crushed Most Wanted 2-0, SoaR took down Team RivaL with another 2-0, and Obey Alliance reminded everyone that they are the SMITE World Champs and defeated Optimus 2-0.

Day 2 had the semi-final matchups of Astral Authority vs. SoaR Gaming and Elevate vs. Obey Alliance. SoaR is the only team to have taken a game off of Astral during the online portion of the Split. Astral is the team formerly known as My Guys, so everyone was expecting an exciting game, and that is exactly what they got. A best of 5 with only 1 game going to SoaR, Astral Authority secured their spot in the finals. As the SWC, Obey thought they were going to crush Elevate 3-0, but that is not what happened. Elevate pulled out all the stops and managed to steal the win away from Obey with a 3-1 victory.

Day 3, the day of finals, had the AVGL finals of Tarrant County vs. Stony Brook with Stony Brook taking the 2-1 victory before the main event of the Spring Split finals with Astral Authority vs. Elevate. Astral Authority lost only one game to Elevate before they proved their dominance as the superior team and won 3-1.

Strictly Business may not have made it far in the Spring Split LAN finals, but the team is going to come back even stronger in the Summer Split to prove that their online success was not just a fluke. See you for the Summer Split! #sBGNation\

Written by Jameson “Dyspaiir” Toale

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