Today marks the second week of the SCL Spring Split, and it was a very exciting week for the Strictly Business SMITE team.

sB’s opponent this week was SCL world champion team the Obey Alliance. After a quick roster change early in the week, Strictly Business showed just how much their teamwork improved.

sB started off a little slowly in the first game but worked together in order to push back the more experienced Obey Alliance. Niqued as Ymir had perfect ice wall placements to trap and/or split enemies up in order for sB to swoop in and take them out. Strictly Business took game one after a fantastic battle that opened a path directly to the titan and their first win of the night.

Strictly Business dominated most of game two and were quick to adjust to Obey’s play style and technique. Their teamwork was flawless as they got Obey to waste ultimates and initiated team fights when they the time was right. Strictly Business won game two without much resistance.

Although they are new to the organization, the sB SMITE team has already garnered a lot of attention and support. So far they have been doing amazing and tonight they shut down the world champs with a 2-0 victory. Things are looking good for Strictly Business this season in SCL and it wouldn’t be surprising to see them excel for the rest of the season.

After tonight’s matches, Strictly Business lands in a solid second place trailing only behind My Guys, who are undefeated.

Next week Strictly Business will face off against Elevate. Be sure to tune in to the Hi-Rez Twitch channel and catch all of the Week 3 SCL action next Monday.

Good luck to all of the teams involved. Find more information about the SCL including standings, schedules, and stats, here.

By Jameson “Dyspaiir”

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