Week one of the North American SMITE Console League Spring Split is under way and Strictly Business hit the ground running. Our newly acquired SMITE team pulled out the stops to show what they could do right away, but it just was not quite enough to pull out a win. But do not fret! It was only a draw.

With Strictly Business’ new SMITE team put under the flame right after acquisition, they did not hesitate to show what they have. Coming to week one of the SCL Spring Split, Strictly Business came face to face with Soar Gaming, one of the leaders in the SMITE Console scene. Coming up to such opposition right off the bat was intense, and the games that followed even more so. Both teams played excellently making for a spectacular experience for audience, player, and caster alike.

Both teams ended up taking a round for themselves to carry them to the next week. Since this is a Split, the scoring system is not like a normal tournament but rather about win accumulation. Therefore, since our SMITE team won a match despite losing the other, they are evenly set against Soar for the first week. With our SMITE team already competing at such a high level, even causing the casters praise their gameplay, we can only expect good things to come from this team.

Good luck on the next one, sB SMITE! We are looking forward to the match on March 6th versus Obey Alliance.

You can watch all of the week one action here.

If you are curious as to when Strictly Business plays again, you can find the schedule here or keep an eye out on the Hirez Twitch Account.

Written by Brandon “Raezien” Simmons

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