SMITE, a continuously growing eSports scene, has opened doors for many players. We are happy to announce that Strictly Business is moving into SMITE with an amazing team!

The lineup for the Strictly Business SMITE team is:

Sean “Reminisst” Rachet – Jungler
Ryan “Niqued” Jarman – Solo Laner
Mitch “Teep” Trcka – Mid Laner
Nicholas “Forger Vulcan” Miller – Support
Dylan “keji” Matthews – Carry

Each having two to three years of SMITE experience, the members of this new Strictly Business team are sure to deliver great things.

Having qualified for Season 4 of the SMITE Console League (SCL) in the Spring Split Relegations under the team name Momentum, the Strictly Business SMITE team begins the Spring Split this Monday, February 27th.

While the SCL matches are only online, you can still come support the team and the league on the Hi-Rez Twitch channel, which will broadcast every match. In addition to participating in the SCL, the sB SMITE team will be attending an event hosted by Hi-Rez at their studios in Atlanta on April 21st-23rd.

“We are very excited to enter this growing esports scene, and after seeing our team’s performance during Relegation we feel confident that they will be a team to watch during this season,” Strictly Business Gaming’s CEO, Fernando “Polo” Lopez (, commented when asked how he felt about bringing sB into SMITE eSports.

This year looks promising for Strictly Business and all the fans, so be sure to show your support!

By Jameson “Dyspaiir”

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