Roster Changes! The Pickup of Dedo and Neslo

As the very first event of Advanced Warfare came to a close, Strictly Business placed outside of the top 8 and failed to qualify for the season 2 online league. With this happening, they decided to bring in two new players that also failed to qualify for the playoffs, both of which were from the same org. Unfortunately, FeaR also suffered the same fate as sB and was unable to qualify. However, with the acquiring of both Dedo and Neslo from this FeaR squad, the new Strictly Business squad is looking forward to a bright future with this new roster. The squad will now consist of John, Phizzurp, Dedo and Neslo. Here’s some background on Strictly Business’ newest players.

Kenneth “Dedo” Dedo

Past Teams: eXcellence->FeaR->EnvyUs->MRKN->FeaR->Vanquish->Strictly Business->Faze Black->Faze->Evil Geniuses->FeaR->Strictly Business

Top Placings: 2nd MLG National Champs Black Ops, 1st UMG Dallas 2013, 1st US Regionals 2014, 3rd Gfinity III, 1st esports World Cup 2014

Throughout Call of Duty Ghosts, Dedo made a huge rise in both his ability and his recognition by other players. Although he had always been known to be a good player in past games, Ghosts was where he really became to be known as a great slayer. He began this Ghosts season on Strictly Business and was able to find success and win US regionals for COD Championship 2014. This success and familiarity with the sB family has been a contributing factor to him now returning to the team. Dedo in addition to John, who is also a well known slayer, will cause for a great duo to be formed on the team. Also, one of Dedo’s best placings at UMG Dallas 2013 was with the VanQuish squad, where he played with both John and Phizzurp. Therefore not only does Dedo have a good past with the sB family, but also the players that are currently on the roster. Dedo has established himself as a veteran in the gaming, seeing as his first competitive game was COD 4, a stat that only few on the top teams today can reproduce. His chemistry with the current players on sB should lead to great communication between the team. Also, Neslo is also from Team FeaR meaning he also has experience playing with Neslo during Advanced Warfare. Many members of the Strictly Business organization are pretty excited upon his return, saying things like “Dedo is the [expletive]!” and “Dedo has a big [expletive] dog”. Dedo himself also expressed excitement to be back in the family when he tweeted “Glad to be back representing SB again with my boys    and @Qba_sB though :)”. Without a doubt, Dedo is a solid addition to the new Strictly Business team and will hopefully bring the same success in the future as he has in the past.

Jeremy “Neslo” Olsen

Past Teams: Prime Example-> Pulse-> Team Kaliber-> JusTus-> Team Kaliber->FeaR-> Strictly Business

Top placings: Between UMG Atlanta 2013 and UMG Philly, Neslo never placed outside of the top 4 while on tK. 2nd MLG Columbus, 2nd UMG Philadelphia, 2nd MLG XGames. 1st AEL Dallas.

Neslo began to play esports with the team Prime Example, however his time on Team Kaliber is what molded him into the great player he is now. After the team formed in Black Ops 2 and competed at UMG Atlanta, they went on to not place outside of the top 4 the entire rest of the Black Ops 2 season. The team really succeeded in their Search and Destroy game, being known as the best Search team in the game. Much of this was contributed to Neslo, a player that relies a lot on the mental side of the game, thus making him a great Search and Destroy player. Between him and the veteran mind of teammate Sharp, tK was arguably the best Search and Destroy team in Black Ops 2. However despite constant top 4 finishes, they were unable to bring home a championship. Neslo went on with the team into Ghosts, and continued to place 2nd twice in a row with tK at MLG Columbus and UMG Philly. However, prior to UMG Philly, Goonjar, tK’s main slayer left to join Team Envyus. After nV’s poor placing at the event, Goonjar looked to return to tK, especially after quite an emotional game between the two to send nV home at Philly. Like many games at UMG Philly before soundproof booths were created, there was lots of yelling during the match between the two. Unfortunately, as Clay left tK and they picked up Formal, tK simply was unable to function with no AR player. Although not 100% confirmed, many people believe this led to Neslo being dropped by tK and tK bringing back Goonjar. However, this did not go well with either Neslo or tK as tK would go on to a very disappointing top 16 finish at COD Championships, and Neslo would join JusTus, who would fail to qualify for the tournament. At the end of this tourney, Theory and Formal left tK to join Faze, and left tK looking for 1. They proceeded to pickup Neslo and Apathy. This tK squad went on to place 2nd at XGames, falling just short of Optic Gaming. Although Neslo had a huge claim to fame in the tournament, clutching a 1v2 vs Scump and Nadeshot to keep tK alive in the SND. This play showcased Neslo’s overall skill and knowledge of the game to those who hadn’t seen it before. He went on to finish the Ghosts season wih tK although they placed top 8 multiple times in a row, and won only one tournament, AEL Dallas, which only consisted of two pro teams and many considered it to be a very weak tournament. Entering Advanced Warfare, Neslo was again dropped from tK, although this time in much more of  a mutual way. He went on to play Columbus with FeaR, and then joined SB along with Dedo. Neslo will undoubtedly bring tons of talent to the new Strictly Business squad. With Phizzurp already being well known for SND, the addition of Neslo will grant great SND talent for the team,l a gametype that needed work after sB lost multiple game 5’s at Columbus.


Overall, the pickup of Dedo and Neslo is an extremely great choice for the organization to help build the team towards a season 2 league spot and good placings. Dedo brings along the slaying power the team needs, as Neslo brings the intellectual side of the team and SND talent with him. The smartest part about these two however, is they both play all around, making a great addition for the team. Although Dedo is mainly a slayer, he also excels in SND. Although Neslo is known for his SND skill and smarts, he is also able to slay in respawn gamemodes. All sB fans should be especially excited to watch some of the SND plays that could potentially be pulled off with this new roster.Neslo expressed his excitement for the new squad by saying “Happy to be on a top contending team with these guys, and part of such an amazing organization. Time to put in the work”. Neslo has always been a player to believe that success comes with hard work, a core value that many winning gamers have. This new Strictly Business squad is sure to bring excitement to watch as they push on to try to place well at the upcoming UMG Orlando, as well as secure a league spot in season 2.

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Neslo clutch at xgames:

tK vs Nv UMG Philly:





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