In a public statement today on Twitter, Syris “Bizarre” Barnes lashed out at the Strictly Business organization making unfounded claims.

The incident stems from a recent racist remark produced on stream by the former Strictly Business King of the Kill substitute player Joel “jwlkr” Walker.

In his public statement, Barnes claims that Strictly Business took no disciplinary action toward Walker. However, Walker was immediately released from their H1Z1 team following the organization’s awareness of the incident. By making derogatory racial comments in a public setting, Walker breached his contract with sB and was subsequently released. By releasing Walker as soon as the organization’s executives were made aware of and could assess the situation, the organization has fulfilled its end of the contract fully.

Strictly Business in no way condones racism or inappropriate comments like the one produced by Walker. In the event that any of the organization’s players participate in any form of racial discrimination, they are immediately removed from the team. This removal, however, is not always a public event, and statements from the organization regarding the outcome may be delayed. That does not mean that disciplinary action has not been taken or that the organization condones the behavior in any way.

Barnes also stated that the behavior witnessed by Walker in the recent clip had been an ongoing issue only made public recently. However, any incident of racial discrimination or derogatory speech that occurred was never brought to the attention of Strictly Business’ executives or owners. Had Barnes approached the administration of the organization with his concerns, action would have been immediately taken as well. Unfortunately, this was not the case, and the public incident with Walker is the only instance known to have occurred.

In addition to not having been reported to the organization’s executives, other members of the Strictly Business KotK team claim that the incident with Walker was not a recurring issue. The other members had no knowledge of Walker’s racist remarks on stream, and claim that it was never an issue during team scrimmages, either.

Strictly Business as an organization strives to create a safe and professional atmosphere for its players as well as its fans. By removing Walker as the team’s KotK substitute, the organization believes it has eliminated this unprofessional and inappropriate element and looks forward to moving forward with KotK as an eSport.

In regards to Barnes’ Twitter statement today, Strictly Business finds the situation unfortunate and wishes that Barnes would have voiced his concerns sooner if they were in fact valid. Strictly Business’ continues to fulfill its role in upholding contracts between players and the organization, and the organization finds Barnes’ recent statement on Twitter to be unfounded.

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