Synfula, a pro player on Strictly Business let me ask him some questions regarding Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare and his expectations. Here is what he had to say:

Q: What in Advanced Warfare are you looking forward to most?

“In AW, there is a huge number of new ideas I’m looking forward to. There are mainly a few things. The game being a new title, refreshing myself from Ghosts. I’m looking forward to being the best at a completely new Call of Duty none of us have ever seen before. I’m also looking forward to being a part of the best professional team Strictly Business has ever had.”

Q: Now, about all the new movements. How do you think that will effect eSports and the pro community?

“I believe the new movements, along with all the new AND old additions to the game, will bring back a skill gap in Call of Duty eSports that we have been missing for a very long time. With that being said I’m personally prepared to work harder, play harder, and perform better while making my way to the top. This is a new year and I’m going to start off with a new and improved form of myself.”

Q: What is your opinion on the new game type Uplink? Could it possibly be used in competitive?

“Truthfully, and evidently, I believe uplink should NOT be a competitive game mode. The idea behind developing such a mode is for fun, fast paced, non stop action. It was made for the public to try something new, and have non stop amounts of fun while doing it. It’s a change of flow for the public. They can go from stomping public TDM(team death match) matches, to playing some uplink with friends and having a great time. We, the competitive scene, focus more on talent, teamwork, and being better than the opposing team. We need to remain focused on that, and bringing uplink into the scene will not help. We know the three game modes that gave us the most successful Call of Duty title (Black Ops 2), there’s no reason not to follow in it’s footsteps.”

Q: Do you believe Advanced Warfare has a chance to be as good or maybe even better than Black Ops 2 in the competitive scene?

“I have full confidence that we can have the most successful year of Call of Duty in eSports history. It’s all about if we do the right thing.”

I would like to thank Synfula for taking time out to do this Q and A with me and good luck to you and the rest of the team! You can follow him on twitter @synfula_sB and make sure you keep an eye on our pro team as they begin the fall season of  Advanced Warfare!





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