Perspectives of AW: The Game That Finally Changed

As Advanced Warfare is beginning to settle in with our community, many different types of players all involved with Call of Duty are having different opinions on the franchise’s newest game. As normal with a brand new game, there are always ones who love the game, hate the game, and some who believe the game only needs small minor fixes to be perfect. Overall different parts of the community are feeling very different ways about Advanced Warfare. Below, I’ve personally conducted several interviews with different people in the Call of Duty community, in order to gain the different perspectives coming from different community. All links to player’s youtube/twitter/twitch are in credits at the end.

Sniping – BlackWing (aka BW)

Blackwing, more commonly known as BW, is a sniper who goes for clips to be put into personal montages that go up on his YouTube channel. He was previously on Team Kaliber, however left among many others during TK’s merge and getting rid of divisions and is now actively looking for a new team. Below are his questions and responses.

Q: On a scale of 1 to 10, how do you think the sniping in AW is?

A: I’d give the snipers a 6, mainly because the only good one is the MORS. And even with the MORS being the best, it’s still nowhere near a good gun. All the other weapons in the game are 10x easier/better to use.

Q: Do you believe anything needs to be fixed with the snipers? Buff/Nerf?

A:Hell yeah the snipers need to be buffed. If they could make the lynx like it was in Ghosts, and increase the damage or make the ADS faster for the MORS and Atlas 20mm, as well as fixing the sway with all the snipers, the game would be a lot more balanced.

Q: How does AW compare to other CODs in terms of feeding? Easier, harder, etc?

A: Sniping in AW doesn’t really compare to any other game at all, mainly because of the exo movement. And because of that AW is its own game. But with gamemodes like momentum, its not too hard to hit some nice clips, since the kill feed stays up so long.

Q: What is the best guns/perks/class setup for sniping and feeding? Best game mode?

A: MORS, variable zoom and stock, with whatever pistol you’d like and Flak jacket, fast hands, toughness, and blast suppressor. Momentum >



Pubstomping/Streaming- Pistol tK

Pistol is a member of Team Kaliber who actively streams on twitch. Although he has only joined Kaliber somewhat recently, he has been a constant streamer on twitch for a while streaming both Halo and Call of Duty.

Q: On a scale of 1 to 10, how hard is it to pubstomp and go for good gameplays in AW?

A: What I have noticed in AW is that a skill gap is very relevant is this game. When it comes to pubstomping I find it cumbersome to do bad. Because of my skill level both as a competitive player and warbeaster.

Q: Do you believe any kind of nerf or buff needs to occur to make the standard public match more balanced?

A: When it comes to nerfs, I don’t believe the BAL needs it because it lacks the significant power long range. When it comes to subs [sub-machine guns], I believe they need a tad bit of buff in range and firepower because as it stands, you need to be in the enemies face 24/7 to get kills with them. Everything else is perfect.

Q: What guns and class setup do you feel are necessary to go for high kill gameplays?

A: For me, BAL reflex stock and quickdraw are a must. Secondary would be graunge pistol, no attachments. Perk one is lightweight. Perk 2 is peripherals because fast hands and gung ho mess me up. And perk three is scavenger and toughness. That’s my class because it perfectly fits my fast thinking ADHD play style to the tee. It is also good for high scorestreaks.

Q: How do you feel about other CODs compared to Advanced Warfare?

A: When it comes to competitive CODs, AW raises the bar to the point where it’s not comparable to other CODs. The game is perfect in my opinion and the addition to exo abilities and map development as well as the simplicity of the loadouts that can be chosen [is what makes it so]. The game just gets it right which is where I believe the other CODs got it wrong in the past by having too much. That’s what made COD4 good was the fact there was so little to choose from.




Youtuber/Statistician- Drift0r
Drift0r is a youtuber who mainly posts his “In Depth” series, a series that breaks down several guns and parts of call of duty to the raw stats and facts. He is very well known for this series and is widely considered one of the most knowledgeable people in the Call of Duty community. He is also a member of Team EnvyUs, and is sponsored by several gaming companies.

Q: How do you feel the time to kill differs in AW compared to other CODs? Is this a good or a bad change?

A: Time to kill is definitely a bit slower than other COD games. It seems like SHG (Sledgehammer Games) was worried about all the complaints about Ghosts’ time to kill and scaled it back a bit.

Q: What guns and perks do you feel work best in this game? Any “crutch” perks?

A: Strong perks are toughness, blast suppressor, and lightweight. No gun is truly that strong except the BAL-27. The BAL is not nearly as “OP” (overpowered) as some of the other guns in previous COD games.

Q: In one of your recent videos, you talked about how other guns should be buffed rather than the BAL be nerfed. Could you elaborate on this idea a bit more?

A: It is only slightly better than its competitors in AW and fills a hip fire niche over SMGs. Buffing other guns would solve this issue.

Q: IS there anything else prominent about AW you wanted to point out in general?

A: Think in 3 dimensions.

My response: By that do you mean the importance of verticality in this game compared to other CODs?

A: Yes. If you try to play AW the same way you played past COD games, you’re going to have a bad time.


Overall, it seems like all three of the perspectives shown here all believe the BAL should not be immediately nerfed. Rather, other guns should be buffed like the sub machine guns. It seems like the general community as well as the people interviewed here are so far pretty happy with the game.  Some of the snipers are having a hard time initially getting use to the exosuits and sniping, however the longer reading killfeed has significantly helped snipers hit more clips. Advanced Warfare so far has had a great launch, and we will have to see if any of the current opinions change as the game gets older.



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