Coming out of a 9th-12th placing at COD Champs, the players on the Strictly Business team felt that after a few tournaments of only mediocre placings, a change needed to be made. As a result of this, both Jeremy “Neslo” Olsen and Kenneth “Dedo” Dedo have decided to leave the team and pursue other opportunities. Although we as an organization are sad to see our players leave, we understand that after 3 tournaments with this team and the highest placing being top 8, a change needed to be made. Also, the squad failed to qualify in the season 2 online league, which is something many players pursue now considering online COD is becoming more important. Please keep in mind X-Games will be the Season 2 playoffs this year, and therefore both players would like to have a shot at that. Especially Neslo, who came so very close to winning it last year with Team Kaliber. In Neslo’s future plans video he posted to YouTube, he said that he loved the organization and especially the owners, he just mainly left the team to be on a league team. He also mentioned he very badly wants to play at X-Games again. Similarly, Dedo noted that he loved the org and the owners as well, however wanted to be on a league team and have a change to a different team.

We here at Strictly Business love every single player we get the opportunity to work with and it was a pleasure having two of the best Call of Duty players on our team. We here at Strictly Business treat every member as a family member so seeing some family members go is sad but if the leave helps them grow and expand then we’re more than happy.

We appreciate the time and effort both players put into our organization and hope they find success in the future. Our organization is sad to see them go and I know I personally will miss them seeing them as I’ve gotten to know them and still remember writing the article about them joining.

Big question now is, what two players are you looking at? Right now nothing is confirmed and since we’re not in the MLG Season 2 League our main priority will be UMG California which is in May, so keep an eye open!

All always, we thank you for the endless amount of support you always provide, we’re always grateful to have such an amazing fan base and community!


Strictly Business Development

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