He’s said to be the most versatile player to ever play the game. His Search and Destroy game is among the best of all pros. His drive for excellence and perfection at what he does is what made him the best candidate to fill the fourth roster spot. PHiZZURP will be joining Methodz, Stainville and John to complete the Strictly Business pro team roster for UMG Dallas and all events afterward.

Phizzurp has three simple goals he plans to accomplish with Strictly Business. “A championship, a spot in the MLG Pro league, and a team house,” Phizzurp said. “When I was asked to be a permanent member of the team, I couldn’t let the opportunity pass.” He was confident to say that this team “was the best chance I got at a championship.”

The team captain has high hopes for the new the new game, Advanced Warfare, scheduled to release November 4, 2014.

“We expect to play really well when AW drops. With this game dying out, we all plan on grinding and learning together so that when the first event comes around, we’re ready,” said the 17 year old captain, Methodz.

 Notorious for his Search and Destroy skill, and in game thought process, all of Phizzurp’s teammates agreed that bringing him on the team would improve their Search and Destroy game. In Phizzurp’s last event (MLG Anaheim), his team didn’t drop a single Search and Destroy map. Many pros have said “winning your search’s are important.”

Strictly Business is going into UMG Dallas with high hopes of bringing a championship home. This time, with Methodz, Stainville, John and Phizzurp. As Ghosts closes out, the team has even higher hopes for Advanced Warfare as a team. A new game means new strategies, new techniques and most importantly, a new skill level and learning curve. This could be the break they’ve all been waiting for.

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