There’s been a lot of questions surrounding the Call of Duty Championship 2014 event, so we’ve decided to put together all the information that has been confirmed from MLG and Activision.

  • All players must be 18 years or older in order to play in qualifiers, regionals, and the event itself.
  • Teams must keep the same roster throughout the qualifiers, regionals, and championship.
  • The US-regional LAN event for the Top 16 teams will be taking place in Florida, and will be open to spectators. The regional Australia event will also be open for spectators.
  • As of now, there is no spectators at the actual Championship event.
  • No teams get an automatic invitation; all teams must enter through the qualifiers, and the qualifiers are open to any teams out there. For more information on how to sign up, please visit MLG’s website here.
  • MLG will be releasing guidelines to help players take precautionary actions against DDOS attacks [source].
  • The online qualifiers will be played using the Xbox 360. The regional qualifiers and the tournament will be played on the Xbox One in the LAN mode. LAN Option isn’t available right now on Xbox One, but it will be added in the near future.
  • All matches will be played using the CODeSports ruleset in Ghosts. 
  • The online qualifiers for the US teams will take place on Feb 1 and Feb 8th. The top 8 teams will then move on to the regional qualifiers that will take place in March 8th and 9th. All of these qualifiers will be streamed on
  • The full schedule of qualifiers are available here.
  • For those asking regarding Scuf Gaming controllers, there has been no announcement regarding when they plan on releasing their Xbox One controllers.
  • For those asking regarding if teams are allowed to have coaches, there has been no official announcement about that. We’re waiting to hear more directly from Infinity Ward, Activision, or MLG.

If you have any more questions, please leave it in the comments below and we’ll see if we can get it answered.

SOURCE: MLG.TV’s eSports Report and @eSportsNation


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