Lead Animator for Rooster Teeth Dies at Age 33

On January 30th, the lead animator for Rooster Teeth passed away at age 33. Monty Oum was the lead animator with an incredible number of shows under his belt, including Red vs Blue and RWBY. Both of these shows displayed his high level of graphic skill throughout his work. He was taken into the hospital after a severe allergic reaction during a simple medical procedure. This left him in a coma, and he ended up passing away. Many people not only in the Rooster Teeth family, but also of the community will miss him dearly.

For those who haven’t heard of Rooster Teeth, they are a company which has taken the world by storm. After the release of their first Machinima, Red vs. Blue, they’ve exploded into an online phenomenon. The company has much more than just Red vs. Blue now, with multiple shows and an entire YouTube channel with 8 million subscribers and growing by the day. Monty has been a huge impact on the organization as a whole and showed tons of graphical prowess throughout his work.

Monty saw loads of success throughout his career with Rooster Teeth, and he will surely be missed by many from the community. Rooster Teeth stated on their website that they miss him dearly and they will be shutting down the channel for a few days to group back together over the loss. If you want to see any of Monty’s work, he edits the animation for all of Red vs. Blue, and essentially single handily produced the Rooster Teeth show RWBY.


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