Season 1 Playoffs Recap

Final Placings:

1st-Optic Gaming-$30k
2nd- Denial Esports-$15k
3rd- Team Kaliber-$10k
4th- Faze Clan-$6k
5th- Aware.NA-$4k
6th- Team EnvyUs-$4k
7th- Prophecy-$3k
8th- Rise Nation-$3k

In a thrilling event hosted at the MLG Columbus arena, the top 8 teams from the Call of Duty online league battled it out on LAN for a 75k prize pool


On Friday, all of the first round matches were played to determine the first loser bracket participants, and who would advance closer to the winner’s bracket finals. Many of these matches turned into upsets, as the lower seed won 3 of the 4 matches. Optic was the one high seed who did defeat their opponent, as they quickly defeated Rise Nation in a swift 3-0. This broke Optic’s LAN streak of terrible play on Friday, as at both Orlando and the previous Columbus they played awful in their initial matches. This match was extremely quick, with the surprise slaying of Nadeshot who dropped 30 kills in Uplink on Detroit which settled the final map.
FaZe started the day off by playing the squad of young guns. Aware hopped off to a great start, and took the Hardpoint, and then the next two respawn game modes to secure a 3-1 victory. Noticeable mentions for this match would involve player Huke, who played amazing throughout the series using the IMR, a gun thought to only be good online. This series surprised many people, as many came in to the tournament viewing Faze as the only team to potentially defeat Optic.
Next up was the match between Prophecy and Team Kaliber, which most people were very 50/50 on. Team Kaliber had something to prove after playing in a team house, and Prophecy did as well since they had many roster changes. Ultimately, Team Kaliber took a semi-surprising 3-0 with Loony playing very well throughout the whole series.
The biggest and most anticipated match up of the night came down to Denial and EnvyUs. This matchup would prove to be huge considering the trades that went down with the two during season 1. Although Denial was the favourite, Saints and Zooma both went off, securing EnvyUs a 3-1 win.


The first match played Saturday was the showdown between Optic and Aware. Despite the one SND map that Aware won, Optic absolutely demolished Aware. In the Retreat Hardpoint, Formal had 31 kills going into the second rotation of hills. Formal was simply going off, and no one could stop him from Aware.
The next match played shocked many, as Team Kaliber faced off against EnvyUs. The two teams went back and forth, with EnvyUs winning the Hardpoint, Team Kaliber winning the SND, and EnvyUs winning the CTF. The next map was one of the most thrilling maps of the tournament, on Comeback Uplink. EnvyUs went into the halftime break up 14-6, of what seemed to be an absolute blowout. However, Team Kaliber kept composure, and managed to come all the way back, tie it in regulation, and win in overtime. Loony played absolutely outstanding with 10 of the team’s 18 points.
FaZe began the loser’s bracket run with a quick 3-1 sweep over Rise Nation, with Parasite playing phenomenal. FaZe next played EnvyUs in what was hyped up to be an amazing match-up, however FaZe took the series relatively easy with a 3-1 win. On the other side of the loser bracket, Denial defeated Prophecy on an easy 3-1 win, playing light-years better than they had the day before against EnvyUs. Denial next faced off against Aware, in which the two teams traded off game modes all the way to game 5, Riot SND. Denial ended up scoring a 6-4 victory, with Replays playing extremely well.


Championship Sunday began with FaZe and Denial facing off for a top 4 spot. Faze did not play nearly as well as they had the day before, and Denial defeated them with a 3-1 win. Clayster played amazing, even when using the four round burst IMR to anchor like his former Black Ops 2 self.
The next Winner bracket final match between Optic and Team Kaliber turned out to be by far the most exciting match of the event. In the beginning of the first Hardpoint, Team Kaliber jumped out to an amazing lead. However, roughly halfway into the first set of hills, Scump began to catch fire and once he did, there was no stopping. Optic went on to take the first Hardpoint and the SND. This put Team Kaliber down 0-2, and in quite the hole. However, Team Kaliber managed to make an amazing comeback, beating Optic on uplink with a buzzer beater, and on Retreat CTF in over time. The final SND was extremely close, as the two teams played really well yet Optic jumped out to a 5-3 lead. The next round, Sharp clutched a 1v1, and the following round Team Kaliber dominated that round. This led to an amazing round 11 (5-5 Situation). The round began with Nadeshot calling a play for Optic to push straight through middle, although Nadeshot was first blooded, a quick period of nothing occurred, and then Loony, Goonjar, and Theory were all killed by the rest of Optic members. This left Sharp in a 1v3 and he died shortly after, giving Optic the win. In Sharp’s post event video on YouTube, he mentioned that Theory and Goonjar wanted to flank middle after Loony got first blood, however they determined it was too risky of a play for round 11. Following this, the rest of the tourney was simply blowouts. Team Kaliber dropped to the loser’s bracket and after a heart-breaking loss against Optic, and another heart-breaking Hardpoint loss against Denial, they simply couldn’t keep playing and were 3-0 swept by Denial. With a final of Denial and Optic, most people expected Optic to demolish Denial quickly, and this is exactly what they did, handing Denial the 3-0 and granting Optic back to back LAN wins.


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