So what are the X Games? Another MLG Event? Just a LAN? Why is there so much hype around this event? Well this article will explain everything you will need to know about the upcoming X Games Event!

Now the X Games is an annual event hosted by ESPN, wait… THE ESPN?!! Yes, now calm your horses and let me explain, the X Games was originally created for sports such as Skate Boarding, Snow Boarding and pretty much any extreme sport, hence the name “X Games”

Now this year X Games is going to be very unique because ESPN have partnered up with our very own MLG and have created an X Games event that features a Call of Duty tournament, now this tournament is like any other tournament, nobody can just jump in and aim for those shiny medals.  Only 8 teams are allowed to participate, now the Top 3 teams of CoD Champs 2014 were automatically locked in so these were the teams locked which was Complexity aka now known as Evil Gaming (EG), Team EnvyUs and Optic Gaming. Now this is where Pro Points came into use the other 5 teams would be based on Pro Points now the teams that got into the X Games based on Pro Points was OpTic Nation, FaZe Red, Team Kaliber, Curse Orange and… Strictly Business! That’s right we’re going to the X Games!


Here are the  groups of tournament!


1 – Evil Geniuses (formerly CompLexity)
4 – Optic Nation
5 – Team Kaliber
8 – Strictly Business

2 – EnVyUs
3 – Optic Gaming
6 – FaZe Red
7 – Curse Orange

It was a hard path to get to get into X Games but we overcame it and got in. Note we had to pick up Phizzurp as Methodz was too young for the event.

Here are the  Team Rosters!

curse_orange Envy EvilGeniuses Faze-REd optic-gaming Optic-Nation Strictly-business Team-Kaliber

The X Games will be hosted in Austin, TX on June 6th you will be able to watch it on or any platform that has the MLG app and there will be also highlighted on broadcasts such as ESPN, ABC and X Games social platforms!

Here are the  Team Schedule for the Invitational.


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