MLG COD League Season 1 Final Results

Filled with controversy, Season 1 of the Advanced Warfare MLG COD League has finally come to a close. It brought many new opinions into Advanced Warfare for Online Call of Duty, seeing as many new teams bought into team houses as well as did everything they could to make sure their connection was good. The top 8 of the 12 teams qualified for Season 1 playoffs. These playoffs will take place at the MLG Columbus Arena in Columbus, Ohio February 20th -22nd.The following teams are the top 8 placements, and will all be playing in the playoffs.

8th- Rise Nation (Diabolic, Sender, Pacman, Chino)
Rise Nation actually was on quite the downfall heading into the end of season one, however they managed to take over Justus’ spot on the very last night, due to the controversy going on with Justus. Due to their automatic 0-2, Rise was able to win one more game and therefore qualify for playoffs. As far as their roster, the new pickup Sender has really begun to mesh well with the team, leading them to perform very well. Diabolic has also emerged as an upcoming star, as many are now beginning to call him “Diabrolic”.

7th- Team EnvyUs (Nameless, Merk, Zooma, Saints)
In reality, nV really should’ve placed higher overall. Unfortunately for them, they made the huge roster change of picking up Zooma and Saints right in the middle of the season, and were therefore forced to get used to their new line-up mid-season. A week after this change, they began to play extremely well, proving despite being a 7 seed they will most definitely be a force to be reckoned with on LAN at playoffs.

6th- Team Kaliber (Sharp, Loony, Goonjar, Theory)
This team had one of the best storylines to date regarding their league record. At the mid-season mark, they were placed at 11th. However, they purchased a team house, and after a week of settling in they went on a 7 game win streak, propelling them from 11th all the way to 5th. Huge plays have been coming in from Loony, their newest pickup. Sharp has also been playing consistently very well. Considering tK is historically known for being terrible online yet good on LAN, the 7 game winning streak began to contest that. This is likely due to team house internet; however tK will still certainly be a team looking to do well in playoffs, especially considering their 4th place finish at MLG Columbus.

5th- Aware Gaming (Accuracy, Happy, TJHaly, ?)
Similar to tK, Aware also went on a huge win streak to put them in their placing and qualify for playoffs. However, they’ve had so many different people play on their roster it’s unclear which four will be participating in playoffs. Either way, TJHaly will be playing, and has really begun to make a name for himself after finishing 2nd with Stunner at Orlando.

4th- Faze (Aches, Slasher, Parasite, Enable)
Although Faze is another team plagued by a large number of roster changes, they were still able to maintain their league spot and qualify for playoffs. This is largely due to the pickup of Enable, who has been playing outstanding throughout Advanced Warfare. Although he was good in past Call of Duty games, he is really beginning to stand out now. This combined with Aches’ determination to win is creating a deadly roster for both S1 playoffs and more importantly, COD Champs.

3rd- Prophecy (Mboze, Ricky, Legal, Fears)
Prophecy was sort of an underdog coming in the league, as the team was essentially made of everyone that got dropped from everywhere else. They managed to prove those others wrong and qualify for a spot in the league. Ricky has definitely stepped up his game in AW, and will be a huge player to lookout for at playoffs and champs. Unfortunately, this team will not be sticking together for COD Champs.

2nd- Denial Esports (Attach, Jkap, Replays, Clayster)
Another team who went through roster changes mid-season, Denial traded Zooma and Saints to nV for Jkap and Clayster. Although at first many considered this to be a horrible trade for Denial, it proved to be a solid team. The dual slaying power of Attach and Clayster, as well as Jkap who can slay quite well, created a team that simply out slayed others. Denial will most certainly be looking to place well at playoffs, as they have a good chance to do it.

1st- Optic Gaming (Crimsix, Nadeshot, Scump, Formal)
The raining champs of Orlando, not enough can be said about this Optic team. With about a week left to go in the league, Optic only had 3 losses, and 2 of them were from when they had a sub and not their full team. When a team has slayers like Crimsix, Formal and Scump on one team, Nadeshot probably could afford to just put down his controller a game or two and they would still win. Optic is the favourite heading into playoffs, and they will be looking to add to their trophy list.


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