MLG COD League Season 1 Midway Recap
As we reach the halfway point of Advanced Warfare’s Call of Duty online league, many teams are certainly beginning to distinguish themselves from others. Similar to the past Call of Duty Ghosts online leagues, only the top 8 will be participating at the Season 1 playoffs, scheduled to be played towards the end of February. Many MLG fans are anxiously waiting to see if their favourite team will manage to qualify for the playoffs. Below are the current standings as we hit the halfway mark of the MLG COD League Season 1.

12th- Automatic Reload (Burnsoff, Miyagi, BlFire, Felony)
Although Automatic Reload was widely considered one of the better online teams to be entering the league, they haven’t been able to play consistently well so far. As the season began, they had a mediocre start, and have been performing poorly throughout, this is when Automatic Reload had started to fall farther from everybody else. However, it is important to note they are technically the same amount of games behind as team Optic Nation, and also one behind both tK and Aware. A good win-streak can potentially put them inside the top 8 very easily. However, upon the announcement of COD Champs aR is among many teams going through a few roster changes mid-season. On 1/12/15, they officially announced that Miyagi would be traded to Rise in exchange for Whea7s. This came as a surprise to many, considering the duo of Whea7s and Pacman had always been the heart of the Rise Nation team. Also, Miyagi’s performance in the recent matches hasn’t been extremely bad, as performing terrible is usually the reason that causes roster changes. It is assumed this trade was more made to gain Whea7s rather than to get rid of Miyagi. However, they did show progress, going 2-0 on their first night with Whea7s.

11th- Optic Nation (TeePee, Karma, Swanny, Proofy)
Optic Nation so far has been the definition of a new team growing drastically. In the past few events, Optic Nation hasn’t played very well. However, the important thing to realize is they are making extremely good progress. Although still initially getting over their poor start in the league, they will most definitely be a solid squad going into the next event. With the pickup of the European superstar Swanny, they finally obtained the main slayer they’ve been looking for. Swanny was picked up when Mboze was dropped, and Optic Nation has seen a much better show of success recently since adding him. Although they all agreed Mboze was a good player, having him and TeePee both play objective simply didn’t work for a fast paced of a slaying games as Advanced Warfare. Expect Optic Nation to begin to make some good placing’s soon both on LAN and Online in the pro league.

10th- Team Kaliber (Sharp, Theory, Loony, Goonjar)
After placing an impressive fourth at the opening event of MLG Columbus, Team Kaliber has continued to make great progress towards becoming a very strong team. Similar to Optic Nation, they needed to drop an objective player to make room for the more slaying power they needed so they could exceed in Advanced Warfare. Although Neslo isn’t really an objective player, he was dropped in a sort of mutual pass, seeing as he felt he didn’t have much chemistry anymore with tK, and they agreed. Since then Loony has proved to be a substantial pickup, as he has an overall KD of 1.08 in the Cod League, placing him 9th among players when excluding other players with less than 10 maps played. Unfortunately for tK, they have always been known to play very poorly online, yet succeeding on LAN. The start of the COD League has continued to prove this theory. Seeing as the four players all live quite far away, they simply were not as able to use connection as an advantage similar to other teams. However, this has begun to change. Team Kaliber recently invested in a Team house in Atlanta Georgia, and has been playing much better since they began to use this connection rather than the Kentucky->Canada->New York->California connection they were using before. It is very likely they will begin to improve greatly with the continuing help of the team house.

9th- Aware Gaming (Happy, Lawless, Accuracy, Perplexed)
Aware Gaming had a very hot start heading in to the beginning of the COD League as they stayed undefeated for the first few days of matches. Unfortunately for them, the lack of a consistent 4th player has caused them to severely drop in the pro league. At this point, they’ve had so many different players in the slot that the team is unable to play consistently. Although they placed well at the opening MLG Columbus event, this team needs to find a solid 4th if they don’t want to fall down to 12th, considering tK and Optic Nation are right behind them in standings. Hopefully their newest pickup for that slot, Perplexed, will be able to fill that role and turn this team around.
8th- eLevate Gaming (Killa, Mirx, Study, Spacely)
Elevate has managed so far to keep themselves barely above the line for playoff contention, and they hope for this trend to continue. Unfortunately for them, like many other teams towards the bottom of the standings, they are beginning to undergo roster changes. After discovering that Spacely will not be of age to compete at COD Champs by the deadline, he was dropped and they are still continuing to look for a fourth. Along those lines, Killa also announced that he would be looking for 2 with himself and study. If this does lead to be true, many eSports fans around will be very upset seeing the dynamic duo of Mirx and Killa being split up. However, they have managed to play somewhat well in the online league the same way they have on LAN, by winning as many SND maps as possible.

7th- Team Envyus (Merk, Nameless, Jkap, Clayster)
Team Envyus has been playing somewhat mediocre both on LAN and online as of recent. This came as a big surprise to many considering they were a consistent top three team all throughout Ghosts. Many believe this is simply because of the loss of Formal to Optic. Envy certainly hasn’t played poorly since the beginning of Advance Warfare, yet they haven’t necessarily been playing well either. They’ve simply managed to get by, which is shown by their 7th place spot in the league. Similar to elevate, they are also getting ready to undergo roster changes in preparation for COD Champs. Although nothing is officially confirmed, Clayster has essentially announced he won’t be playing for nV anymore and Nameless and Jkap have both been experimenting with several other teams. Hopefully for nV, they are able to secure new members or keep the ones they have, in order to preserve themselves a playoff spot.
6th- Rise Nation (Pacman, Whea7s, Sender, Diabolic)
Although never placing incredibly well on LAN, Rise has always been known as a great online team. Ever since they knocked out Curse LV in last year’s COD Champs regionals, Pacman and Whea7s have led the team a long way. After losing Loony to tK, they picked up an extremely underrated player, Diabolic. Originally making his claim to fame of Curse Youth with Realize and Attach, Diabolic is not necessarily a well-known player among most fans and spectators. However, he has helped this team a lot in filling Loony’s shoes, and such has led Rise to the placing they have now. Although also currently undergoing some roster changes, Rise is expected to stay consistent and continue to place well throughout the online league and into s1 playoffs.

5th- JusTus (Slacked, Mochila, Enable, Classic)
Although the members of JusTus didn’t have any championship placings, they’ve definitely managed to step up as a top tier team throughout season 1 online and on LAN. Enable currently has the highest Kill to death ratio in all of the league. This team has been playing extremely well, and with more time they will surely keep their place or place even higher. Between the slaying duo of Enable and Mochila, they’ve been able to just out-slay just about every team but Optic and Denial. Classic has been playing objective very well, especially considering many believed he would retire back in Ghosts. The only problem this team has is Slacked’s age. Unfortunately, he is unable to play at Champs. Hopefully for Justus they are able to find a new player to fill this spot.
4th- Faze Clan (Censor, Apathy, Aches, Slasher)
Although a horrible top 16 placing at UMG Orlando, this team continues to play very well online. Apathy and Slasher have both been out-slaying many teams between the two of them, creating easy wins. Aches’ experience has also led them to their current placing at 4th. Despite the solid amount of success the team has achieved online, they are rumoured to be looking into finding a new player to replace Aches. For the meantime however, he will remain on Faze and hopefully continue to bring in more wins for the squad. Even if Aches was to be replaced, this team would have to go on a massive losing streak to fall out of their league spot.

3rd- Denial Esports (Replays, Attach, Zooma, Saints)
Overall, Denial has always been the most consistent team when it comes to the combination of online and LAN. Attach, Zooma, and Saints simply out-slay everyone they play. Although this team considered roster changes heading into COD Champs, they ended up decided to keep their team the way it is. There is no doubt Denial will continue to be stellar throughout the league.

2nd- Prophecy Esports (Ricky, Fears, Legal, Mboze)
Prophecy began their team in AW as more or less the team of everyone that got dropped. However, they have been able to work together and as a result form a dominant team from what was originally a roster of dropped players. They played the whole first half of the season with parasite as their fourth, yet he recently left and Mboze was brought on. Considering the success of legal and fears online, this team doesn’t look to start losing anytime soon. Ricky has especially stepped his game up to play better and more consistently in AW than he did in Ghosts. Now that Mboze has also joined, the chemistry of this team will likely lead them to more success, as Parasite’s style of play didn’t fit the team very well before.

1st- Optic Gaming (Scump, Formal, Crimsix, Nadeshot)
Optic has simply dominated the league all the way through. Every other team quite literally dreads to play Optic online as Scump’s host is arguably the most dominant in the game at the moment. Many called Optic simply a good online warrior squad, however they went on to prove themselves on LAN twice. This team is only a few games away from already qualifying for playoffs, and will likely continue to dominate.


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