So this is something new that we would like to try and approach, so this article is basically a small interview with one of our team members, explaining a bit about himself and how he got into his profession and just basically allowing you to get to know him better, also if you like this article and would like to get more interviews just like this and in this format please just comment below this post.

So here at Strictly Business we always allow opportunities to any member of our staff team and in this interview Brendan you may know him as “LILRELOOP” will be a prime example of how he started and how he grew in sB and what he had done and accomplished through-out his designing journey.

So we simply started off by asking Brendan,

How old were you when you first started designing? How old are you now?

(Brendan “Lilreloop”) – 9 and 15 now

Now as you see, Brendan is actually pretty young and this is what meant earlier in the article, no matter the age as long as you can do the job it’s all simply Strictly Business.

So we then asked Brendan, what got you into designing?

(Brendan “Lilreloop”) – My friend had a sniping clan in 2010 (I think that was the year) and they needed someone to design for them. He knew I was into art and one of them asked me to make them graphics and I did, it pretty much took off from there

How long have you been designing for Strictly Business?

(Brendan “Lilreloop”) – Started officially on March 13, 2014. Had a trial run in February, but was in talks before then

Who did you design for, if anyone, before Strictly Business?

(Brendan “Lilreloop”) – The day before I was offered the spot with sB I joined eLv, and the day I joined sB I was offered a position with Denial

Alright, so did you design anything for eLv? Or did they use anything that you made for them?

(Brendan “Lilreloop”) – I made a twitter rebrand for Miyagi, Strife, and Enable but that was before I joined, past that I didn’t have the time to make anything

When did you join Premade Designs?

(Brendan “Lilreloop”) – I Joined on 4th of May

How do you feel about being lead designer for Strictly Business?

(Brendan “Lilreloop”) – It was pretty crazy actually, I’ve only been here for a few months and when Qba mentioned it to me it was really unexpected But I’m definitely grateful for the opportunity and look to represent this team to the best of my ability


What are your goals as lead designer, what do you want to accomplish as lead designer?

(Brendan “Lilreloop”) – Just improve the design team overall, we have had people approaching us daily asking to join the team and a lot of them have potential

We’ve already made moves in the short time I’ve been lead designer and it’s only getting better from here


Do you see yourself making a career out of designing and if so, where do you see yourself in the future?

(Brendan “Lilreloop”) – I hope to make a career out of it, but I don’t really know what will happen in the future, if you asked me this when I was… 9 years old making graphics for my friend’s sniping team I know I wouldn’t have said I’ll be the lead designer for sB

How did you learn to design?

(Brendan “Lilreloop”) – Fully self-taught


What software do you use?

(Brendan “Lilreloop”) – A combination of Photoshop & Cinema 4D, but mainly Photoshop


Additional Items He Wanted To Say

(Brendan “Lilreloop”) – Thanks to Qba, Story, Freagy, Gonzo, and Fatality, if anybody would like to join the design team/want designs from me don’t hesitate to ask


How could someone contact you if they wanted designs done?

(Brendan “Lilreloop”) – Order form: …


My YouTube Channel: …





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