Love first person shooters? Love to have the ability to walk on walls and go freestyle like Mirrors Edge?!?!


Then standby for Titanfall!


Titanfall is a game created by a studio known as Respawn Entertainment. But wait… I’ve never heard of this studio, who are they!?! Well let me tell yeah! Respawn Entertainment was founded by the co-founders of Infinity Ward and the studio who was behind the development of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2. Wait? Hold on a minute… Did you just say the creators of Modern Warfare 2? One of the best Call of Duty’s in history was made by this studio…? Yes!


So what makes Titanfall unique compared to many other first person shooters? Well unlike many other first person shooters Titanfall has included the category mech into the game this means that you can now not only fight as a normal human but play as a human pilot controlling a super slaying robot (A Titan basically) So why would you want to be a Pilot when you can be a super big badass Titan! Well the geniuses at Respawn Entertainment have balanced out the game very well, when you’re a Pilot you can climb walls, do double jumps onto buildings and have an anti-titan weapon that will allow you to even slay Titans! But that still doesn’t seem fair… Nope, they have also enabled the ability to jump onto an enemy Titan’s back and start destroying it, without no way of the Titan getting you! But now the Pilot seems overpowered, not quite so! You can jump in and out of a Titan, so if you were in the case of an enemy Pilot being on your Titan’s back and destroying it, you could simply just eject into the sky and slap that Pilot into the killcam.


Overall I think Respawn Entertainment has done a great job on balancing the game overall to allow players to use different strategies and tactics in multiple situations! Although the game itself may not have a Story aka Campaign, but it does have a kick-ass multiplayer where you can either become a Titan Killing Pilot or a Killing Pilot Machine! It is all up to you, but whatever you become we at Strictly Business Gaming will be there alongside you! So join our forums if you haven’t already (Why wouldn’t you have already, am I right?) and discuss your epic moments in the game or join up to play with some of our family members here at Strictly Business Gaming.


Thank you for reading, be sure to hit me up if you have some feedback or you want join me on this epic game! (You can find me on the forums!)

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