What fantastic quest doesn’t end with you and your adventurer buddiess gathering around the hearth in a cozy inn to drink some nice, warm mead and roughing up a couple of local free loaders causing trouble at the counter? Of course, no good one! And that hasn’t changed with Red Bull’s Team Brawl: Hearthstone, the event that pits teams of three against each other in a good old game of Hearthstone.

This past weekend, the Top 4 North American teams in the Hearthstone professional scene got together to compete at the second event of Red Bull’s Team Brawl: Hearthstone season. The Red Bull eSports Studio in Santa Monica was filled to the brink with teams ready to spill blood, but maybe not their beer. On site to compete were professional teams Tempo Storm, Team Liquid, Team Kibler, and Cloud 9.

With the championship being a two day, 3v3 event with the standard being best-of-5 for the win, teamwork was essential for the analysis of a best possible play, but then again could be totally unheaded. The unique style of the tournament really accentuated the essence of the viability eSports has on creating new and fun ways to look at gaming and social interaction in a socially-geared world, even on the professional level. But that’s a story for another time.

Throughout the weekend, after the first Team Brawl: Hearthstone event, Team Liquid was the team with all of the bets, having the favor of the fans and viewers over their Finals opposition, Tempo Storm. Having been the teams that made it to the finals in the last event, many were very eager to see the outcome of this rematch that so wittingly came into play. With Team Liquid winning their first match 3-0 prior to the finals and Tempo Storm barely even making it into the finals, relying on their higher net score after a 3-way tie for second place, many thought they knew just who was going to pull the win from the magic hat. But Team Liquid was not so lucky this time. After the alteration of gameplay that took out the original redraft portion of the Finals (since the event is played draft style) to having the ability to make up to three card changes max for the pre-existing decks they played with in the first rounds, it was just the beginning of a battle of mind games and skill.

Because of this ability to make slight alterations to their deck, Tempo Storm was able to peel away from Team Liquid and pull out an astonishing 3-1 win against the favored team. Snagging their second win during Team Brawl: Hearthstone, they once again have shown just what it takes to be the best of the best and that they truly mean business. Now whether or not they make it home tonight, they know that they have done a job well done and that this world of ours is safe from the deadly grips of darkness, at least for one more night. Once they wake up the next morning in a draining stupor, maybe one of them can remember just what the next step in the quest was because we are all waiting to see what happens at the next Team Brawl: Hearthstone. See you all at the Tavern again next time, and until then, safe travels brave adventurers, for the night is dark and full of terrors.

Be sure to check out the event first hand either on Youtube or Twitch to catch up on the action for next time! And make sure to give Red Bull and all the teams involved plenty of love for putting on a fantastic event for us all, true splendor in all facets of the word.

Written by Brandon “Raezien” Simmons

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