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Why this weeks LAN is a great thing for Strictly Business and OpTic Gaming, despite their rocky past.

By Matthew Porter

When OpTic Gaming announced they would be hosting US Regional Champions Strictly Business for a four day LAN event, its safe to say that some eyebrows were raised. Its no secret that there has been some animosity between the two squads in the past, with plenty of trash talk, some Twitter drama, and a couple of roster changes between the two teams. So its no wonder that some fans were surprised that Strictly Business would be flying out to Chicago, to live under the same roof as the Green Wall’ for four days.

Thankfully, both teams have looked beyond their chequered past, as they begin their final week of preparation for this weekends Call of Duty Championships, in Los Angeles. The sB boys will arrive at The OpTic House on Monday, and from then on, itll be four days of top notch Call of Duty action, from two of the biggest and best names in the game. But why are they doing this?

The main reason is practice. For the past number of weeks, the biggest North American teams have been competing in the MLG Pro League, a 10 team competition, in which the six highest ranked teams will clash at the PAX East event in Boston. While the Pro League has been great for these teams, allowing top teams to play each other on a regular basis, the problem with the Pro League is that its an online tournament, which is very different to playing on LAN. On LAN, there is no connection issues, no lag, and no host advantage, you need to be on top of your game, and with Championships well on the horizon, that cant be a bad thing.

From the teams perspective, this week is going to be the most important week of their build up. For OpTic, the chance to get the team all together for some last minute practice is great news, as they have struggled with Scump being on a west coast connection. The opportunity to scrim against the US Champions is also huge for them, as they really couldnt have asked for a better team to prepare against. For sB, this week is the chance to fine tune their game, after a very impressive showing at Regionals. Beating teams like Complexity is no easy feat, but they made it light work of coL, romping home to become the number one seeds for this weeks tournament. To spend this week playing on a LAN against OpTic, who are one of the best teams in North America, is a great way to fix any niggling problems, whilst still being tested.

No matter what happens this week, the big winners are us, fans of Call of Duty eSports. The opportunity to watch two of the worlds biggest teams square off on LAN is not one we get very often, but we are going to get a full week, with the OpTic/sB LAN leading straight into the Call of Duty Championships, where 31 of the worlds best teams will battle for their share of a $1million prize pot.

If you want to catch any of the action from the OpTic House LAN, it will be streamed live and exclusively on, and on the MLG app on Xbox 360.

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