What’s the next best thing to playing all the latest games? Watching other people play all the latest games!

Strictly Business is dedicated to providing entertaining content to the gaming community. We have recently added a ton of new, exciting streamers to our team.
If you’re looking for fresh face or new streams to watch, join in on the fun with us!  Our streamers maintain interactive Twitch channels. They provide everything from gaming entertainment to helpful advice and hilarious antics.

We are excited to welcome the following streamers to our team:

Berlynn “BerlynnKaee” Browning (Stream Team Captain)

Twitter: @BerlynnKaee
Twitch: twitch.tv/xMissSkillz

Catlyn “Catlyn” Crespo

Twitter: @catlyncrespo
Twitch: twitch.tv/catiyn


Twitter: @RambyBambyy
Twitch: twitch.tv/rambybamby

David “Xelocitys” Miller

Twitter: @Xelocitys
Twitch: twitch.tv/xelocitys

Rachel “Asivrs” Retana

Twitter: @Asivrs
Twitch: twitch.tv/asivrs

$amantha sB

Twitter: @Songfullyy
Twitch: twitch.tv/songfully

caitlin sB

Twitter: @catevinelle
Twitch: twitch.tv/savagedivine

Kenia “Jordan” Hare

Twitter: @tornjordans
Twitch: twitch.tv/tornjordans

Oceane “TheOceaneOpz” Mathis

Twitter: @TheOceaneOpz
Twitch: twitch.tv/theoceaneopzz

Harrison “Counter” Ellis

Twitter: @ImCounter
Twitch: twitch.tv/counter_sb

Carnell “Carneezy” Carper

Twitter: @Carneezy_
Twitch: twitch.tv/Carneezy

Darius “Gravitatum” Wright

Twitter: @Gravitatum
Twitch: twitch.tv/gravitatum

Find more information about all our awesome streamers on the Strictly Business website, or catch them in action on Twitch!

2 Comments » for Introducing the New Strictly Business Streamers
  1. Elbeebee says:

    SB has a strong on going fanbase I hope that one day that more competitive scenes will encounter PS4 cause I am a decent player in Rainbow Six Siege so yeah great job to those that are apart of this organization you guys have a big goal to reach

  2. Elbeebee says:

    Congratulations to those that are in SB stream team. You guys put in work and have lots of people supporting you bros!

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