So is the title true? Does Strictly Business have a partnership with Spacebound!?! Yes my friends, it’s all true and I’m going to tell you all about it in this article.

Space Bound is, a Call of Duty trickshotting team on YouTube that delivers the finest content to their fans on all their social media platforms. They are a group of gamers who share their love for trickshotting and commit much of their time into growing their personal channels and team channel. The team produces a tremendous unique variety of content from current generation Call of Duty games to the classics. Their content is superb and they put an extreme amount of dedication into delivering the best content to their fans who have been with them since the start of their career.

Spacebound will be in a division under Strictly Business but still while being their own entity, like having their own branding and such. Newly developed content produced from the partnership will be split onto both channels, which is the Strictly Business Gaming Channel and the Spacebound Channel.

Honestly this is a big move for Strictly Business as we can expand our fanbase and allow us to spread more into the YouTube media side and thanks to this partnership that is now possible but hey who knows maybe in the future this partnership may expand and form into second team with the Spacebound group.

But whatever happens in the future doesn’t matter because we here at Strictly Business want to give you the #SBGNATION something in return for all your hard support throughout our career and we tend to do this with great YouTube content for you to enjoy so hey, why not go give our new family members a sub!

You can subscribe to Spacebound via their YouTube channel which is:

And if you haven’t already you can subscribe to our channel via the URL:


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