Strictly Business had an amazing online performance in the SMITE Spring Split; however, this good fortune did not continue on into the LAN finals. It became apparent to the team that some changes needed to be made in order to keep moving forward and growing as a team.

Strictly Business has dropped mid laner Mr. Teep and duo laner Keji for Kaiden “xfatalghostx” and Shaliber. Team captain Niqued is pleased with the roster changes.

Kaiden “xfatalghostx” Healy will be taking over as the duo laner for sB. He has been playing SMITE for 5 years on his own and for a few months with MostWanted. An experienced SMITE player with LAN experience, this could be the perfect move for Strictly Business to make a huge showing in the Summer Split.

Shaliber was the mid laner for SoaR Gaming before he decided to join sB. Having played SMITE for 3 years on pc before moving to xbox a year ago, he is excited to join the constructive and positive environment that sB’s team offers. Having come in second place at the world championship in January, Shaliber is happy to see his new teammates share the same extreme drive to win in.

Both players have years of experience and some LAN experience as well. All in all, these players are top notch picks for Strictly Business moving into the Summer Split.

“I knew immediately after our games what changes I needed to make. We were a very good online team (placing 2nd in NA) but our lan performance was not the greatest. We have dropped our mid and adc players for two very experienced players. The choice was not based off of who hit more abilities or who had more kills during the online stage, it was based off knowledge. We needed a loud voice in both those roles and we feel bringing on these two experienced players will help us very much if we are to make another lan,” team captain Niqued said of the recent roster changes.

Keep an eye on Strictly Business during the next split as the team does their best to become the champions.

Written by Jameson “Dyspaiir” Toale

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