First off, we would like to congratulate Fernando “Polo” Lopez on his promotion to President of the Strictly Business Organization. All the hard work and dedication that Polo has put into this organization has finally paid off, from keeping control of the different divisions of the organization, ranging from our very own Content Writers to the now disbanded Sniping Division.

We would like to primarily announce our new “Elite Weapon” and General Manager to Strictly Business, Kyle “KRanK” Rankin. Many know KRanK thanks to his former organization, Team FeaR. KRanK left Team FeaR, after his services were no longer required.

Once Jay caught wind of what was happening, the plotting had begun. Through extensive work with the rest of the management of Strictly Business, it was decided that Strictly Business would bring on KRanK, thanks to his former work with Team FeaR.

Bringing in new sponsors, creating an unmatched social media presence, developing a close knit group that is always engaging with their fans and supporters. These are just a few of the things we are said to be expecting in the near future with KRanK. KRanK is going to be a great asset to the Strictly Business organization thanks to his extensive knowledge of eSports.

The only reason these changes are possible is because of all the prior work done by Jay “FrEaGy” Negron. After many years of building this organization and helping shape it to what it is today, Jay has decided to step down and take on a position of Founder/Owner, in order to let others excel in their pursuit of glory within this organization. Jay wishes to show more emphasis on the Founder/Owner portion of the organization, along with the rest of his fellow Owner/Founders. Jay has faith in the work that Polo and KRanK can do, and therefore so does the rest of his management staff. Jay did emphasize that he is still going to continue to be active throughout the organization, especially with the oversight of the Pro Roster. He stated that he is simply stepping away from a position where someone could be brought in with better capability to take Strictly Business to a higher level. He and KRanK are going to be working closely together to ensure that new sponsors, along with the current ones, are content with the business that Strictly Business had to offer. “I’m definitely not shying away from my Organization. I’m simply bringing in a ‘secret weapon’,” stated Jay earlier during our impromptu interview.

On behalf of Strictly Business and everyone associated with it, we would like to wish Jay the best of luck in his future endeavors! We thank you for all your continuous hard work and dedication you put into this organization! We also wish to congratulate Polo and KRanK, who are surely going to be great leaders, as they continue the task of elevating this organization even further.


Strictly Business Development

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