Esports Game Modes in Advanced Warfare-Many esports fans and players are extremely excited for the upcoming Call of Duty title as Sledgehammer is promising great support for the competitive scene. Treyarch set this standard initially with the extreme amount of support in Black Ops 2. As a result, Black Ops 2 is really what made the competitive scene of Call of Duty grow exponentially. Meanwhile, as Ghosts did help the esports community grow, it also introduced some pretty detrimental stuff to the game, such as the well known bomb glitch. Sledgehammer plans to bring extreme amounts of support to esports, as they have already announced several game modes that are confirmed for Advanced Warfare.

Round-Based Domination- Although only an esports mode in Ghosts and not Black Ops 2, Sledgehammer is bringing back this familiar face as an esports mode. Throughout Ghosts, many people disliked domination for multiple reasons. These reasons spanned the threat of bad spawns, weird glitches with flag caps, and overall just being boring to watch for viewers. Many viewers complained that the only action comes with 1on1 gunfights to control a flag. However, when focusing on just how the game mode is played, it is a solid combination of both slaying and objective work to produce a win. Because of this solid balance, Sledgehammer will include it in Advanced Warfare, however many believe it will not be in the best of 5 rotation.

Hardpoint- In fall of 2012, Hardpoint took the esports world by storm. It provided a game mode that was extremely entertaining to watch as well as took tons of strategy to receive a victory. Many people claim that Black Ops 2’s booming success in the competitive scene was due to the introduction of Hardpoint. The introduction of Hardpoint also brought on a new role to competitive scene, the anchor. The anchor role relies on pure talent with assault rifles and constant shifting between hills to have success, making it a very skill-reliant role. The anchor role became a way for many players unnoticed before, to show off their raw gun skill and rise to the top as a pro. A great example of this is Goonjar, a player on Team Kaliber that received the nickname “Pingjar” for his one-burst M8A1 kills that constantly wreaked havoc on the other team and prevented them from getting on the hardpoint. Hardpoint is expected to be seen at least once in Advanced Warfare’s best of 5 rotation.

Search and Destroy- Without Search and destroy, esports would not be nearly as popular as it is today. Many argue that SnD is what drives esports, and therefore it must be included in the 5 map rotation. The tradition of a whole series being left to a single round 11 of Search and Destroy is far too loved to be taken out of the game. Although not confirmed, Search will undoubtedly be the 5th map in a best of 5 series. Many esports players pride on their Search and Derstroy skill, as it is pure strategy in all ways. Killa, Nadeshot, Neslo, and especially sB’s very own Phizzurp are all well known for their high winning Search and Destroy strategies.

Capture the Flag- Similar to Search and Destroy, Capture The Flag(more commonly known as CTF) is a game mode that creates extreme fun to watch and play. CTF was replaced by blitz during the era of Ghosts, and many people were unhappy with this change. They considered Blitz to be much less strategic than the original Capture the Flag. CTF was highly requested to be brought back in Advanced Warfare, and Sledgehammer acknowledged this by assuring its spot in the competitive scene.

Uplink (Not confirmed, but very likely)- Uplink is a brand new game mode to the Call of Duty series. The premise of the game mode is there is a single ball, which can be carried by a player. On either team’s side, there is a big round circle, in which the ball must go in to secure a point. The player scores the ball by throwing the ball in the circle for one point, or running it through for two. Although this game mode is not completely confirmed for esports, the pro players played it when they were flown out to Germany to try out the game competitively. Many heavily enjoyed it and said it was very fun, expecting it to be an esports game mode released with the full game.

The later announcement concerning which of these game modes will be placed and in what order in a best of 5 rotation, is yet to come. Overall, MLG and Sledgehammer will likely work together to figure this out and implement it at the first Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare LAN even, which is MLG Columbus on November 28-30.


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