eSports. A community of amazing people that is growing exponentially and provides many opportunities for lots of people.

Strictly Business is one of many organizations providing these opportunities for many people of all ages, one being Moeen Moghal who is a graphic designer from London. Designing for eSports for 6 years, sB commissioned Moghal to do our organization’s awesome new YouTube intro, which is an amazing opportunity sB provided, a great example of how interconnected the community can be in eSports.

Moghal, like most, was introduced to eSports by watching it online and immediately knew he wanted to contribute somehow. So, he began designing and also started a YouTube channel that he ran with Kurtis Stocks, who is currently a manager for Epsilon. The channel, GXP (GamerXperience), reviewed games much like IGN or GameSpot. This experience with YouTube shows in the work Moghal put into sB’s new YouTube intro.

Naturally, Moghal’s success was not immediate, and he did some work for free before becoming well-known.

Work for free at the beginning is not bad, it really helped me get noticed by employers and potential clients, which lead to many different opportunities, like working on large scale projects and actually getting paid,” Moghal replied when asked how he felt about working for free.

And boy does it show what opportunities perseverance can lead to. After putting in his time and striving to be the best, Moghal has worked for major names such as Machinima, PewDiePie, Mantrousse, and others from around the globe.

eSports is a huge industry and will just keep getting bigger as time goes on and more competitive games are made. This community is full of amazing people who started from nothing. Even people who may not be designers, players, or even a part of an organization are big in their own right as the amazing supporters who are there from the beginning and continue to support those who are. I hope that as time moves forward and eSports gets even bigger that more opportunities are opened and the community continues to be an amazing group of people.

Thank you all for your continued support, and a big thank you again to Moeen Moghal from Strictly Business for the amazing YouTube intro!

Strictly Business Twitter: @sBusinessGaming

Moeen’s Twitter: @moeenmoghal

Written by Jameson “Dyspaiir”

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