Strictly Business faces Noble eSports tonight at 6:30pm (PDT) during Week 4 of the Season 3 Rainbow Six Pro League by ESL.

These two squads will compete head to head to improve their standing in the league. The current rankings of both teams are Strictly Business in 8th and Noble eSports in 6th.
This game will take place off of the main ESL stream. Catch the rest of the Week 4 matches on the ESL stream.

Strictly Business fans may catch a glimpse of the action on one of its player streams.

Strictly Business’s Rainbow Six: Siege team for Season 3 of the ESL Pro League consists of @silentrage_sB, @realnova_sB, @Themarcopolo_sb, @perseus_sB, and @ayver_.

Join us tonight as these top-notch players take a stand against Noble eSports!

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