Season Three of the North American Rainbow Six Pro League for Xbox One ended on Monday, October 17.

For Strictly Business, the season may not have started out the best, but the team managed to make an amazing recovery starting week 4. Losing the first three weeks in a row would have had other teams calling it quits but not sB. This team kept their heads in the game, allowing them to make an excellent recovery by the end of the season.

Strictly Business made their first victory against Noble eSports in week 4. The defeat of Noble eSports brought Strictly Business up to 7th place in the league. This momentum carried into the weeks ahead, giving light to sB’s rise through the ranks from 8th place to 4th by the end of the regular season.

Facing and defeating Lethal.Gaming in week 5 brought sB up to 6th place, and things started to look up for the team. With week 6 came the challenge of facing Onslaught eSports, who will go on to play in the LAN finals for the league. The Strictly Business team put up a fight and came away in week 6 with a draw, bringing them into 5th place.

What started out as a horrifying initial three weeks for Strictly Business turned into a comeback many would not have expected. Entering into week 7, sB finished strong and beat Denial eSports, pushing them into the top four as they took 4th place in the league.

While they may not have made it to the top two, sB definitely came close. Perhaps if the team had less of a rocky start, sB may have been competing in the LAN finals at the ESL Arena in Katowice, Poland in November.

Despite not making the top two, Strictly Business made the most incredible comeback in the league and is a great source of pride for the Strictly Business organization. The team will no doubt learn from their mistakes this season and come back even stronger next time. Best of luck to eXcellence and Onslaught eSports as they continue on to the Season 3 finals in November!

Strictly Business would also like to thank and congratulate the players of their Rainbow Six pro team for their outstanding effort in the season:

Jeremy “SilentRage” Green
Pat “Nova” Bruno
Marco “Marco Polo” Parisi
Marlon “Perseus” Valdez-Gibson
Devin “Ayver” Rogers

Written by Jameson “Dyspaiir”

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