Tonight at 6:30 p.m. Pacific Strictly Business takes on Denial eSports during the final week of the ESL Rainbow Six Pro League Season 3 on Xbox One.

After last week’s tie against Onslaught, the Strictly Business squad is looking for another victory, this time against Denial eSports, currently 7th in the rankings.

Strictly Business fought hard this season rising from the bottom of the leaderboards. Tonight they push for the final points of the season.

Strictly Business’s Rainbow Six: Siege team for Season 3 of the ESL Pro League consists of @silentrage_sB, @realnova_sB, @Themarcopolo_sb, @perseus_sB, and @ayver_sB.

Tonight’s match between Strictly Business and Denial eSports will take place off stream. Join us in congratulating all of the participating teams in a wonderful season and celebrate with us as our top-notch players take a stand against Denial eSports at 6:30 p.m. Pacific in the final match of the season.

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