“If you’re reading this, you already know, I’m being held hostage against my will please send help!

***SB Management; holding Negan bats, hand me a script***

Uhhhh what’s that…. oh, I’m supposed to say that? Really?

***SB Management point at bats***

Ok, I’ll say it.

Ladies and gentleman. My names rh and I’ve joined SB gaming, I will imagine you all as a beautiful redhead, recently single, not looking to date but ready to fall in love, and fate has put you in my stream and all I can wonder is what it takes to please you.

That’s the job I want; Part time, full time, I want to be good at it, bad at it, I want to get promoted, fired, corner office, hostile takeover, workplace accident I’m on my knees, praying, worshipping, begging, whatever you want. Now stop by and come say hi, drop a follow, and fall in love.


Strictly Business Development